A Number Of Pest Control Methods To Prevent Rats From Overrunning Your Home

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Many people see rats as a major nuisance. These creatures are known carriers of fatal diseases. Furthermore, rats can chew through everything that they could get their teeth into, creating destruction to houses and personal possessions. There are several ways to keep rats from overrunning your home.

You can use electronic measures for driving them away from your residence. There are good ultrasonic rat repellents available that emit noises of high frequency to repel rats. Neither human beings nor household pets can hear these sounds and they are thus safe for use in homes.

Organic rat repellents can also be used for eliminating rats from the house. This technique makes use of minute tablets or pellets that smell like rat predators and hence drive the rats away. These can be scattered uniformly within the home, garage and any other place which can serve as rat hideaways.

You can also make use of moth balls as their powerful smell can serve as a good repellent for the rats and ward them off. They are highly efficacious if kept in moist and dark corners of the residence, which are likely to be frequented by the rats.

Using mechanical traps, commonly called wooden snap traps, is a way of rat elimination that is still very popular. These traps are cheap and easy to place, but they should be laid with proper bait. However, they have to be placed away from children and household as they can hurt them. The problem with such rat traps is that they can capture not more than one rat at one go. Though, the advantage of this technique is that it is not dangerous like toxic pesticides.

A glue board is a pest control process utilized to capture rats alive. They can be made of cardboard or wood with their surface covered with glue. You can also put baits on the surface by scattering some food crumbs to draw the rats. When a rat scuttles across the board for the food, it gets stuck and later dies from either starvation or suffocation.

Why must you take the trouble of administering pest control measures for the residence? For one or another reason in the future, you might be selling your house even if it’s not an act that you would be willing to do as of the moment. No matter how attractive your home is from the outside, real estate brokers and buyers would steer clear of it if they see marks of pest infestations. For instance, termite colonies found along the foundation of your house are big deterrents for potential buyers. Moreover, banks usually refuse loan applications with houses used as collaterals if they found that the house is infested with pests; like prospective buyers, banks perceive pest-infested homes as terrible investments. So, although the cost to hire a professional pest control company to eliminate pest infestations in your house may be steep, think of it a wonderful investment for the future resale value of your house.

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