A Short History of Pest Control The Origin of Pest Control

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A Short History of Pest Control

As the agriculture is progressing, more and more pests are also coming causing some problems. Even during the 8000BC, people already have known how pests can truly damage crops. People failed to take actions no matter how obvious it is that insects already destroy the crops. The sole measure that people take in the past was crop rotation. In the 1500s, pest control became known and served to be a solution. Prior to this, the Egyptians and the Romans too had thought of many ways in which they can prevent the insects. They thought of mixing some poisonous compounds from plants to the crops in order to eliminate pests. The journey of Christopher Columbus had led to a great exchange of animals and plants. This of course includes the pest insects that need to be taken care of. In connection with this topic, people who dwell in the western countries have come up to the idea of making use of predatory species from the origin of pest insects. These people from the western world have also learned something from the native Indians. This is the knowledge of using new preventive measures through the powdered seeds from a Lily.

They took these ideas and improvised this to become a better solution. There were a number of inorganic chemicals that came out and then sold for the agricultural industry. Later on, the modern chemical pesticides replaced these chemicals. Of all, DDT was the famous one which can only affect pest insects.

Pest control nowadays do not just limit to pest control alone. It has even added features for controlling the rats which carry deadly diseases like the dreaded plague. The population of rats has been gradually increasing. In line with this, the pest control also added some measures in order to answer these problems. Under the pest control program, people are also educated on how to make use of rat poisons and storing refuse.

But the idea of making use of this way in order to eradicate rodents in not really the best at all. Still, a proper and a good sanitation would rise above them all. Rat poisons nowadays are never deemed illegal. It can still be used. But then improvements in proper sanitation have a great effect in the decrease of the spread of diseases. The ways of elimination pests today have integrated moral ethics. Therefore, it is pest control plus moral ethics.

The research for pest control continues as of today. Research shows that 42% of the world’s food supply is wasted because of pest destroying agricultural crops. There are still other factors that add up on this also like weather and other external factors. A thorough research for the pest control will totally eliminate people’s problems towards pests in the near future. It has been emphasized that further education must be given to the public regarding the prevention of domestic and commercial pest control like controlling the environments where pests love to dwell. The service of the pest control experts is absolutely needed for the reason that learning all of these factors would take some time. Most people nowadays even have problems in budgeting their time.

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