Animal Control – How To Get Rid of Squirrels

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Squirrels can be termed as one of the most bothersome pests and it is difficult to ignore them once they have infested your residence. This requires the services of a company that deals with squirrel removal and animal control. The main reason why you need to take that action is because if they infest a house, they get to every part of that house from the walls to the roof including the basement. They do not restrict themselves to the house but they also take charge of the environment around the home including the chicken area. The chicken will be uncomfortable since the squirrel is likely to scare them.

One of the easiest methods that you can use to drive away the squirrels from your backyard involves the use of squirrel repellents. If the squirrel has a habit of always invading the bird feeder in an attempt to feed on chicken feed, it is advisable to scatter or spray enough repellent in and around this area. This will drive away the squirrels since the smell from this repellent is not liked by them. Since these squirrels cannot stay hungry, they will look for another source of food from somewhere else. This will help in eliminating them from your premises. This repellent works by imitating a predator. The fear of being caught and being eaten by this predator makes the squirrel avoid this area.

Another common method of eliminating them from your premises involves the use of a trap. This is because they are likely to cause irreparable damage at home and also in areas around the home. They do not even spare electrical cables in their nibbling. That is why another method has to be sought to exterminate them in case a trap fails in doing so.

The first step that you are supposed to take in order to ensure that you have effectively eliminated them is by ensuring that they do not gain access into your premises. This is one of the most ignored facts, but the owners of the premises later get surprised once they see the squirrel coming again and again.

This explains why you should seek the services of a professional since they will first ensure that these animals do not invade your home in the first place. They will most likely suggest that you buy covers meant to keep the squirrels away and these covers are put on the chimney. Any wood that is rotten can also act as an avenue for these pests to get into the house. In order to ensure that this does not happen, sheet metal should be used to seal the area. An animal control specialist will give suggestions on how to deal with the problematic areas.

A good way of eliminating squirrels from your home is by ensuring that all food is kept in an area that these animals cannot get it. Litter should be kept in a covered bin while the pit for throwing the litter should be located far from the home compound.

The best recommended way of eliminating squirrels is to employ the services of a professional. You can contact an animal control technician based in Toronto.

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