Ant exterminator tip Garlic and cinnamon sticks

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In order to do away with those pesky ants with no need to kill them, there are various solutions that you can do, one of the several solutions is employing garlic or cinnamon sticks. If the ants have been completely in your house this procedure is a little harder yet it is possible. This approach works best to halt the ants from ever entering your home.

Step one as an ant exterminator

Like I said that is a little harder to accomplish, but it really can be achieved, you need to place one of the two in the region which is infected with the ants, this makes them to flee the area. Should they use the same path out which they came in through it is actually simple, but sometimes they’re just planning to flee from that area to a different area in your house, which means you will likely have to stay atop them until they flee your residence altogether. After you have gotten them away from your house, when you just continue with the stages in the next step maintain the ants out section your residence will continue ant free.

Ant exterminator step two maintain the ants out.

You may use either the cinnamon sticks or perhaps the garlic, both work rather well, however garlic does not smell as delightful as the cinnamon sticks. I’ve had a little better luck when using the garlic, the ants really do not like that stuff, with that being said should you not like the smell of garlic you should use the cinnamons sticks, but the truth is need to have a little bit more of it.

You have to go around your residence and set one or both of the items upon your window seals and also at your doorways. I have discovered whenever you cut little pieces off from either one of the two, you want to cut them sufficiently little that they can easily fit into the corners on the door jams using this method the door fails to push them out of the way. Using this method it will be easy to hold the ants from ever planning to enter your household, but don’t forget you might desire to change the garlic and cinnamon sticks at least one time on a monthly basis to make certain it’s functional.

This program is effective to assist you to become an ant exterminator yourself, when you do have a larger problem we recommend contacting a professional, if you ever look at our home page and select your state we’ve professionals that you can get a hold of in your community. Also we like to hear back from people, by chance using this method works out for yourself please inform us. Please subscribe to our subscriber list and we will send to you updates each time we post a whole new ant exterminator solution.

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