Are Squirrels Enemies or Pals?

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Many people appreciate the squirrel being in their homes and feel that they are harmless if they are found there. What they do not know is that these are not different from other rodents in their group so they pose the same dangers as the others. They seem to be beautiful when they are performing their games of chasing each other to define their territories. Some people go to an extent of domesticating them by trying even to train them to fit into the home environment. This however is not the case with everybody. Some people will therefore see them as pests in need of elimination. This is because once they are entertained in the home, they will establish themselves and cause destruction every place they pass.

We are always surprised for the squirrel’s preference for occupying the attic. They also love comfort and the assurance for a warm sheltered place the same case that we do. They are not exposed to the harsh weather conditions and they are safe from attack by their enemies. They can also safeguard their food as they take care of their offsprings.Every animal would wish for comfort but a squirrel’s smatter in its moves. The reason why this cannot just be ignored is because once they gain access to the home; they will cause a lot of damage and will not willingly go back to their natural habitat. They will get material to make themselves comfortable from the ceilings and electric cords hence causing a lot of destruction. They will also raid the birds in search of food; dustbins and food meant for the dogs and cats will not be spared by them.

Complete elimination of these animals from your home is next to impossible. It is however a relief to note that it is possible to use green methods to eliminate it .You need to begin by making your home squirrel proof. This involves losing any ventilation which can allow the squirrel to gain entry into the house. Secondly you need to ensure that no food in any form is easily accessible by this notorious animal, by making sure that any leftovers are kept in tightly closed containers, while dustbins also have tightly closing lids.

If squirrels lack any source of food for several days, they are not likely to continue staying in the home but will move out to look for food. In case you note that they gain access by burrowing through your garden, you can buy a motion sensor to alert you any time this happens. Another trick that people have been known to use fur from animals or animal waste which repels this animal since it tends to link this with the presence of this animal.

In case we apply all these measures and the squirrel is resistant to move out of our homes, we need to contact animal removal expert in order to address the issue from a professional point. The exterminator will use humane ways to eradicate it from our premise and take it back to where it belongs.

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