Bed Bug Control Services

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As the saying goes, sleep tight and do not let the bed bugs bite. Note however that these insects do not just bite; they actually suck your blood. They do it during your sleep, so when you get up in the morning the bites don’t fell painful at all. You will just notice red and itchy bumps on your skin.

It’s hard to eradicate bed bugs, especially if they treat your home like it’s theirs. Bed bugs are tough insects that can survive a whole year in starvation and can multiply rapidly during favourable conditions.

While it’s still a debate whether the insects are carriers of serious diseases or not, the idea of acquiring frequent skin rashes alone should already be a reason to eliminate the insects in your home.

Professional bed bugs control is now more available as many pest management companies offer home inspection and estimate for free or for a cheap rate. Note that only a thorough inspection can confirm the severity of bed bug infestation and identify the appropriate solutions for the problem. Reputable pest control companies may also come up with another action plan like snake, cockcraoch, or mosquito control especially when the outcome of the inspection reveals that the problem is not caused by bed bugs.

Once infestation is confirmed, a professional bed bugs control company will suggest solutions like fumigation. The home will be closed for a couple of hours and sprayed with a powerful insecticide that could kill all the bed bugs in the area. The company may also recommend letting go of infested beddings and furniture and using traps that can prevent another entry of bed bugs.

Observing regular cleaning and maintenance of the home is also important to keep the rooms clean and organised. Applying insecticides can also help especially when the infestation is not that severe. Make sure though to use products that are safe and poses less threat to the environment.

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