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Bedbugs have once again become a worldwide problem, due to the fact that changes in the law forbid the use of a certain cleaning product which was killing them during normal cleaning regimes. This used to be particularly effective in hotels where bed bug infestations are frequently spread. So now for bed bugs treatment, london is often in need of it.

Spotting Bed Bug Infestations

The first thing that shows most people that they have a problem with bed bugs is the bites that they got. Of course at that point you are just going to have to deal with them, so it’s not a good way of finding out. Also, you might not even know that until a few hours after you’ve got up as this is when they usually start to itch.

Bed bugs rarely just appear in your room though, usually you have to pick them up from somewhere else. The only time they will get in to your room is if they have migrated from another room close by. Most of the time it is when you’re travelling that you get an infestation though, and if you do then you should certainly let the establishment you’re staying at know that there’s a problem.

It’s much better if you can discover the problem before you get bitten though. The way you can achieve that is by checking over any room you stay in first, before you go to sleep. It will be quite a bothersome routine, but much less so than having to deal with an infestation afterwards.

What you’re looking for is a small brown insect, of similar size to an apple pip. It is close to oval in shape and flat. If there is a problem then you should be able to see signs of them on the mattress around the seams, or the drawers of bedside furniture are another good bet.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

The way that you deal with a bed bug infestation is very simple, although also very difficult. What you have to do is literally clean everywhere in the affected room. You have to pay particular attention to the very small gaps, as that is where bed bugs particularly like to hide.

The first thing to do is to get rid of any clutter in the room. The rubbish should be put in a bin bag and taken straight outside or to the tip so as to avoid any further contamination. Then you should vacuum to get rid of any bedbugs that might have been left behind.

You should also clean, or wash, anything in the room that you do not want to throw away. All clothes, in particular, should be dealt with in this way so that you do not risk carrying any of them around with you.

Now you will be ready to get down to the nitty gritty of it. This means cleaning all of the small spaces. You can start at the mattress. The entire mattress should be thoroughly cleaned, with particular attention paid to the seams. Then you should take care of the bed frame, taking it apart in order to get to all of the very small gaps.

As for the tiny gaps that you cannot get to with a cloth, you should get some Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and sprinkle that in those places. This applies to places like skirting boards, where this is usually a small space between the wall.

Pest Control Professionals

People attempting this for the first time are rarely successful. For the fastest and most effective treatment it’s better to use professional pest controllers who will be much more experienced.

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