Effective Mosquito Repellent Methods

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It’s summer and the mosquitoes are out in full force. You might have noticed ads for various insect repellents in shops, magazines, or on Television. With a lot of various goods competing for your attention, it’s challenging to know that are the most powerful. Listed below are a couple of with the possibilities offered.


Natural Sprays. Herbal sprays are produced from oils that repel mosquitoes as well as other insects naturally, for example cedar-wood, lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus and peppermint. These sprays are recommended for young kids as a much less harsh type of protection. These repellents usually have a powerful smell and must be reapplied every single hour. They range anyplace from forty to 80 % effective, so you could wish to read consumer critiques for many diverse goods just before selecting a natural spray.

Chemical Agents. Chemical sprays are significantly harsher and can leave a residue that could even wipe ink off from labels when left on hands. They also have a strong smell; typically the stronger the smell the far more powerful the item. DEET based repellents are essentially the most efficient and have been utilised for many years.

Botanical Lotions. Botanical lotions have been identified to be probably the most effective of these applications. Rating up to ninety percent efficient, some lotions can last for as much as 2 hours and have a lighter feel on the skin. Most do include a little percentage of DEET but are still eco friendly, and although they nonetheless can have a strong smell, they’re far less odorous than both chemical and natural sprays.

Torches and Candles

Citronella. Comparable to lemongrass, this grass is really a natural insect repellent. It really is most frequent utilized in a candle form or in torches that could be staked into the ground about the area to be protected. Candles are typically about forty percent effective, and even though they do offer some protection, it’s good to utilize it them mixture with individual applicators if you are afraid of getting bitten.


Infused Apparel. Think it or not, there is certainly even chemical infused apparel available from some retailers. The material is treated with a patented pesticide and wards off ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs. The repellent usually lasts through twenty-five washes. The potency of these products are high, but they comes at a greater price tag and only safeguard the region with the body nearest to the treated material.


Nets are the only totally chemical-free approach to keep mosquitoes out. Mosquito nets are light and very efficient at stopping mosquitoes from entering a confined space. This makes mosquito nets perfect for protecting small spaces such as beds, but not practical for moving around outdoors.

Home Misting Systems

Property misting systems are a modern day and highly efficient strategy of keeping mosquitoes at bay. These systems spray an location about the house periodically and clear the air of any pests. Despite the fact that you may still need lotions or sprays if you leave home, a home misting system will permit you to appreciate your back yard without having the need for greasy sprays or strong smelling candles and torches.

Based on the number of people you are trying to protect, the amount of time that you are trying to keep mosquitoes away, and also the location, every single repellent approach supplies a set of benefits. Sprays and lotion work very best for those travelling away from home, whereas property misting systems are far more suitable for home use. Covering up arms and legs when possible can be a good chemical-free strategy of protecting yourself, but the summer heat may make this impractical. Whichever repellent you wind up using, fewer mosquitoes will mean a lot more enjoyment of your time outdoors.

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