Eliminating Pests in winter

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No I am not talking about unwelcome relatives at Holiday time. I'm talking about even less fascinating bugs and rodents.

Winter time offers an alternative approach to your pest control issues. Dependent on what part of the country you live, you could be experiencing a complete shift in which pests are a difficulty for you.

If you're in the north, most outside bugs are no longer an issue.

However if you live in hotter climates outside bugs may still be an issue. It's simply the names could have changed.

In colder climates, we humans spend a lot more time inside. Many of our bug chums might be making an attempt to do the same. That's the reason why you may see an inflow of certain pests.

The Most Common Winter Pests

By miles the most typical problem is with rodents. I'm talking about rats and mice typically. They, like you, are endeavoring to keep hot. They’re warm-blooded creatures and seek warmth like us. And with outside food sources unavailable, or extraordinarily reduced, they are searching for food in your house also.

And the toughest problem with rodents is they're major desease carriers. And they contaminate your food very quickly, often without your being aware. The single thing to do is shed them fast. Even better keep them from coming in your house in the first place.

The best in home rodent protection is to keep them outside. This implies sealing all possible entry tactics so they cannot get in. Begin by sealing any cracks in your foundation or basement area. Look for little spaces under doors or cracks in windows. A mouse can make itself very small and fit into areas you might not realize.

If you see rodents in your house already, the one thing you can do is kill them swiftly. And because they hide in numerous places, it may require pro pest control services to completely rid your house of these annoying, and perilous pests.

There May Still Be Bugs

If you live in warmer southern climates there’s really quite a few other pests that will still be around. You may not see them as frequently but they're still there. Your insect mates are still trying to do their thing.

The most typical insect issues in winter months in the south, are cockroaches and carpenter ants. Cockroaches like warm, wet areas so go looking for them in your toilet and kitchen areas. Carpenter ants often bring their swarms indoors whenever it's possible and also like wet areas and are trying to find free food. If you begin to see winged ants the issue may already be serious. You'll need pro help in getting rid of them.

Naturally the best way to discourage insects is to cut off their food sources. Keep your home clean and never leave food out where it can attract a crowd of nasty insects. Cleanness is next to “buglessness.”

Again, consider professional pest control help if you begin to feel overmatched. A professional bug elimination expert could be a very comfortable winter friend.

Rick Hart is an internet business consultant. He provides tools for pest control corporations in Clearwater, Florida that help with bug extermination.

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