Examples of the Most Harmful Pests Around the World

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Pest control is one of the top priorities for many home owners as it directly affect their health and properties. This is especially true for those who live in geographical areas with warmer climate, where pests like flies, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, locusts, termites, snails, snakes, rodents, marauding birds, and other life forms are plentiful. These troublesome and destructive pests like to live with humans because of the easy availability of food and shelter. Some of them, like snakes, are poisonous and can be fatal to people. Some transmit diseases, such as foxes, rats and mice. Some damage homes and properties by burrowing inside walls and floor, like mice and termites. Some devour food from the kitchen and crops from the fields, like birds, mice and rabbits. Every year, pests cause damages to health and properties exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars.

Many traditional pest control methods have been used for hundreds of years. People still use some of the traditional methods, such as setting up mousetrap as a form of mice control, scaring birds away by scarecrows, mosquito nets to escape from mosquitoes, killing rats and other animals with food laced with poison, and hunting down foxes and rabid dogs. These methods work only if the pest population is small enough. However, when the pests are too numerous, they have very little effects. Also, traditional methods have little effect on some of the most harmful pests, such as termites and ants.

The plague, called the Black Death, spread by rats and mice, killed a hundred million people in Europe in the mid-14th century. Besides stealing foods and carrying diseases, they also make holes in cupboards, clothes and walls and other items with their razor-sharp teeth. That’s why a homeowner should immediately execute the right mice control approach.

Possibly the most destructive pests in the equatorial and tropical regions are termites. Termites live in huge colonies made of millions of individuals. They usually build their nests under the ground and in old trees. Termite mounds in the wild can be several feet high. They are complex structures containing tunnels, storage areas and breeding areas. The trouble starts when a colony finds its way into the walls and under the floors of people’s home. If not exterminated, a colony of termites can literally chew a house hollow from inside. Properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars are damaged by termites around the world every year.

Ineffective and harmful traditional pest control methods are giving way to modern methods that are both effective and humane. These approaches involve evaluating the level of infestation, devising a treatment plan, monitoring infested area, and targeting the pests to kill or remove them. They also involve measures to keep the pests away from homes. The main objective of these methods is to ensure the safety of our health and properties.

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