Exterminating Rats From Your Home

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Rats are a common nuisance in several houses all over the world. Here are some ways through which you can deal with the problem of rats in your house.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to make use of electronic pest control methods. These methods use ultrasonic rat repellent devices that let out sounds of sharp frequencies to repel rats. These sounds are audible only to rats and hence the machines are safe for humans and domestic pets.

Organic rat repellents can also be used for eliminating rats from the household. This method uses small pellets or tablets of chemicals that let out smell of carnivores that eat rodents, thereby scaring them away. These can be scattered throughout the house, backyard, garage or at other places visited by rats.

Rats can also be repelled by moth balls as the strong odour that they emit drives rats away from your home. These can be placed at all the corners of the home for maximum effect.

One of the ways that have been in practice for quite some time now is the use of mechanical traps, commonly called wooden snap traps. These traps are cheap and easy to place, but they should be laid with appropriate bait. However, they have to be placed away from children and pets as they can injure them. The biggest disadvantage of using a rat trap is that it can catch just one rat at one go. Yet the benefit of a snap trap is that unlike other rat repellents, they are completely non-toxic.

You can also use a glue board to trap and kill rats. A glue board can be easily made by taking a wooden or cardboard piece and putting a lot of sticky material on it. You can also put baits on the board by putting some food pieces to draw the rats. When rats reach for the food, the glue sticks to them and they can’t run out of the board. This eventually results in their death by starvation.

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