Faulkner Pest Service Will Customize A Plan To Control Termites

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Termites are extremely destructive insects that invade countless homes and businesses every year. An Amarillo pest control service customizes a plan of action to help control termites indefinitely. The termite extermination service uses methods to protect your business or home and provides tips for prevention.

Eliminating termite food sources and moisture is one thing to be done to prevent an infestation of termites. Leaky water faucets and air conditioners should be fixed right away. Keeping gutters and downspouts cleaned, directing water to move away from the foundation of the buildings, and sealing off the openings around any water pipes or utility lines, are also good preventive steps.

Termites feed on wood, so it is recommended that you remove wood mulch and store firewood, paper, or lumber in an area that is not near the foundation of the house or building. In addition, eliminate tree stumps and debris close to the home or building. Also, wooden fences and decks should be checked regularly for any damage.

If you notice a mass of flying ants around your home or business, you may actually be seeing termites. A home or business is more likely to be damaged by termites than a fire. Check the wood around the building by tapping on it to see if it sounds hollow. This may be an indication that termites are destroying your property.

A professional exterminator maintenance service works with home and business owners to get rid of any termite problems. Scheduling quarterly exterminator services and following the recommendations for prevention, is an effective approach to eliminating termite infestation.

When looking for an exterminator service, choose one that is reputable and experienced. With the help of an Amarillo pest control service, a quarterly inspection will help keep termites away. Any termites found during inspection will be exterminated. The quarterly inspections by a professional pest maintenance service will prove to be the best plan for preventing termites.

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