Fighting The Pest Scourge

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Pest Control is a matter of survival for folks of all generations. From the earliest recorded history until the present, man has been combating pests which are affecting his home, his livestock as well as his farm. Pests which were left uncontrolled were known to have caused catastrophes of biblical proportions all through history. Managing, controlling and regulating pests are important to make the world a better area to live in.

Pests exist in the home, in man himself and in the farm he keeps for his living. In the home, for instance, countless varieties of pests attack everything. A few are visible to the eye, some others hide under cracks and crevasses, while some fly around and settle in the curtains, the ceiling, or perhaps on ornamental plants. Everything in the abode is food for pests. Your wooden furniture, your concrete beams, your appliances, the dirt you bring inside, your food, your trash. These are all fodder for pests. In fact, right as we speak, many critters are scurrying under your table in the race to bore holes in your floor. Unfortunately we cannot know what is going on because pests work in utmost silence and secrecy.

As with any problem, prevention is always better than cure in the art of pest control. Keeping your dwelling always dry and clean will save you lots of trouble. Don’t give pests time to taking a foothold in your abode. Cleanliness must always be a habit by everybody in the household. Pests hate clean surroundings. Do not welcome them by your mere failure to wash the dishes right away.

Pests attack our beloved pets and livestock also. Our dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and also other animals we keep as domestic pets or source of food are a favourite of a host of blood-sucking parasites, from lice to ticks to mites. What’s more awful is that our pets and livestock tend to be more helpless against pests as compared to people. While we have access to different kinds of remedy against pests that attack us, animals are just like sitting ducks, so to speak, under pest attack. We have, therefore, the responsibility to look after our animals and safeguard them against pests. Once more, checking our animals on a regular basis for the presence of pests and making sure they are always clean is better than visiting the veterinarian for medical involvement.

However the more destructive type of pests is probably those that attack our farm. Pests have been known to have triggered a number of the world’s greatest famine. History isn’t lacking of horror stories about pests attacking farms resulting in civilisations being wiped out from the face of the planet for insufficient food.

The modern farmer is blessed to have technology on his side. He need to utilise it to protect the farms from being erased. Pest Control is about the survival of the people.

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