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Termites are common in forests as recyclers of wood. Termites are way more than a major problem. The damage due to them each year is much bigger than the damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes. Termites are sometimes known to live below the ground or within wood. In addition, they can be caught living under the bedrock of your property.

Termites aren't usually seen when they are infesting your home, but you may see swarms of them outside your house after it rains. This is an indication of a large infestation. Termites are very subject to desiccation, and thus they depend on moisture sources. Termites are critical in nature because they recycle cellulose or wood. Termites turn dead trees quickly and efficiently into food and nutriments which in its turn feed many organism’s.

Termites are social insects and live in colonies containing several different castes. Each caste has a various form and function from the others; each is important to the feasibility of the colony. Termites are cryptic creatures and infestations can go without detection for years , hidden behind walls, floor coverings, insulation, and other obstructions. Termite feasting and damage can even progress without detection in wood that is exposed as the outer surface is usually left untouched. Termites are social insects living in colonies.

Termites are social insects with a caste system that includes reproductives, workers and squaddies. Each caste has a singular role in the colony. Termites are renowned for swarming in the spring, summer and autumn. In the swarm they send out large numbers of winged, reproductive males and females that will pal, shed their wings and develop new nests . Termites are classified by the type of nest they build.

Termites are also a wonderful food source for many animals, especially during swarming season. Most birds, lizards, frogs, and anteaters love eating these flying termites. Termites are social insects and their colonies operate on a caste system, which contains a king, queen, employees and soldiers. The queen is significantly larger than her subjects and can lay 30,000 eggs a day for at least 15 years. Termites are simple to govern with the right chemical control but the damage to the wood is I believe what you're making reference to? From what I've heard the heaps of mud they build up next to walls is the tell all sign.

Termites aren't ants. Termites are easy to recognize however you'll usually spot them only after some damage has be done. If you live in an area where termites are a concern you need to consider termite inspections a good investment. Termites are social insects like ants, bees and wasps. Social insects live in big groups, share a nest and share important biological roles among individuals within a colony.

Before you treat termites you need to spend some time learning about termites. Visit the termite blog and spend a while understanding these pests and work out what you can do.

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