Get A Bed Bug Exterminator To Deal With The Problem

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If you think you have a problem with bed bugs, it may be necessary to call on the services of a bed bug exterminator. It can sometimes be difficult to detect an infestation as the insects sleep all day and usually only come out at night. The person may notice that they have a red rash on their skin and this can usually be one of the signs.

The bugs are part of the cimicidae family of insects and there are thought to be around one hundred different species. The ones that prefer living off human blood are said to be the most common species. Other species prefer bats and poultry and other enjoy the heat of tropical climates.

When they have fully grown an adult insect will measure around 5mm in length. As they get older, their color changes from a translucent to a reddish brown. They can usually be seen as a flattish and wingless insect.

Insects pierce the skin of their victim using the two tubes they have for feeding before sucking the blood. The insect’s two tubes have different jobs which they perform together. One of them will suck the blood while the other injects their prey with a substance which prevents the blood from clotting and also contains an anesthetic. It can be normal for the insects to go many months without feeding but usually they will feed once or twice a week.

When a human gets bitten, it can sometimes be a few hours before they realize that they have a bite. It can take the body some hours before it begins to react to chemicals that have been inserted into the body by the insect. Bites are usually seen to be an itchy red rash which the human will feel the urge to scratch. If the human takes a bad reaction to the bite it could make them very ill.

The best way to prevent having an infestation is to regularly vacuum and dust the home. As one of the bug’s favorite places is in the bed, it is good practice to make vacuuming the mattress part of your cleaning routine. Bedding should be changed frequently and at least once a week.

There are products available to buy online and in stores that will help to deal with the insect problem. It may however be a better idea to get the help of experts to ensure that infestation has been completely dealt with. A bed bug exterminator will be able to get rid of the insects completely giving you the peace of mind that you are not going to come across them again.

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