How To Completely Eradicate Rodents From Your Home

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Every living thing ranging from humans to animals like living in comfort especially when temperatures are extremely low, with the assurance of getting enough to eat any time we are hungry. We should therefore expect rodents of different types to seek for shelter and comfort in our homes during the winter season.

One of the most common rodents to occupy our homes is the rat. They will utilize any space available in their bid to gain access to anything edible in the house. Pet food will not be spared either .They are well adapted to this hardship of looking for food by having advanced senses to smell and see food that is kept even in the most hidden places. The fact that they can squeeze in through a very tiny space makes them get food with ease once they gain access into the house. Their short gestation period and their ability to give birth to more than one offspring ensure that they increase in number very fast. One of the telltale signs of a rat infestation in your home is their waste.

When most people find rats in their homes, they get confused as to the best method of removal. One of the recommended ways is by use of traps. This Is however effective for a short period since the rats will try not to be caught once they notice one of them has been snapped. The fact that these traps can injure young children and even pets in the home makes them to be avoided in homes where the children are present. Another option would be by use of glue boards. These boards make the rat become glued once it comes into contact with the board and it cannot move.

One of the safest methods is by use of live traps. This is one of the recommended methods by animal lovers since it does not kill the rodent, once caught, it will be removed by the person who set the trap alive.

There are however measures that you can take to ensure that these rats do not gain access to your home. Any food to be stored should be kept in containers that these animals cannot open. Or cut through. The dust bins should be kept closed with no gaps at all and any other opening that is likely to allow for their entry into the house. Any food leftovers should be kept in tightly closed containers since the rodents will be attracted to such food

Other types of rodents which are likely to visit you during this weather are the raccoons. One of the signs of raccoon infestation in your house is an offensive smell. They also nibble at the wiring in the house. One of the ways of controlling these rodents involves the use of a repellent which is sprayed in places where they are suspected of digging. This will discourage them from doing so. Use of glue and motion detectors can also work wonders in trying to eliminate these animals.

These two animals can however be tricky to deal with so it is recommended that you employ the services of an animal removal expert who are trained on the best methods to eliminate the different types of rodents.

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