How to Control and Eliminate the Common Squirrel

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The common squirrel found in America has a tendency of causing irreparable damage to areas around the home and also outside the home. Some animal lovers regard it as a cute little animal simply because they are not aware of its potential to be a nuisance anywhere it goes. The dawn of the 19th century witnessed the introduction of this small but destructive animal to the United States. This common squirrel is grey in color and weighs less than a kilogram depending on its habitat.

Many of these animals give birth around three or four times every year and at that rate they are able to multiply very fast rendering them very difficult to get rid of. The fact that they are able to adapt to the environment which has human inhabiting it and also in the wild also makes them hardy and able to resist any threat of elimination. Most of these small animals feed on flowers, nuts, fruits and even any cereal. They do not feed on any kind of flesh and that is why they are regarded as pests instead of being viewed as harmless little and cute creatures that most people would wish they were in most cultures and films.

There are many methods that are used today in trying to eliminate this menace. One of these methods involves the use of cages to trap these animals and eliminate them from the surrounding. Once they are trapped, they are killed other people will opt for the use of poison where they will make a bait from a squirrel’s favorite food and when it feeds on the bait, it will die. In some of the states, the only people who are allowed to use this method are the animal elimination professionals who will do it with caution to ensure that it is only the squirrels that are killed. Another third method that is also common for the residents of America involve shooting it any time and place that it is spotted.

One should ensure that the poison used to eliminate this animal is not made at home .This is because many animal lovers who are always ready to fight for fair treatment and preservation of animal life have already declared their stand regarding that issue. They have asked for the banning of usage of poison to eliminate animals .This explains why in case you are faced with a threat of squirrel infestation, you should look for more humane ways to eliminate them and also control their increase. Traps are available from the hard wares around the locality and also departmental stores.

This is one of the recommended methods of eliminating them since it appears to be more humane. Before setting out to buy a trap, it is advisable to find out which shops offer them at a fair price since the shops selling them are many. In case you are looking for some more information related with the best method to use to eliminate these pests here you are!

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