How to Curb the Bed Bugs Problem

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Bed bugs in houses are a large problem for the residents. These bugs are notorious bloodsuckers and have a preference for warm blooded animals like cats, dogs and humans, with humans being their first preference. Pest control efforts must be carried out earnestly if this issue is to be eliminated.

Travellers are most of the times responsible for transmission of bed bugs, and once these bugs adapt to new surroundings, they reproduce very fast. Holes and cracks in room furniture and carpets are the common places for bed bugs to take shelter and prosper.

A common myth about bed bugs is that they spread because of lack of hygiene, but that’s quite incorrect. Since these pests survive on blood and not trash, hygiene doesn’t help in eradicating them. But cleaner surroundings aid in better visibility of these pests and thereby removing them becomes easier.

Another misconception about bed bugs is that they are too small to be seen with naked eyes. In fact, these pests can be spotted without any difficulty, yet we rarely see them because they have flat bodies that help them hide easily in narrow cracks of furniture or layers of cloth.

They will normally bite once a week or so, and they can really survive for a long time without eating – commonly six months, but sometimes over a year.

When it comes to cleansing a house of bed bugs, no one can do the job better than an expert pest controller, so it is better to call in such a person instead of trying to rid these pests all by yourself. However, there are some home cures also to control their nuisance such as sanitizing bed sheets, carpets and other cloths in warm water and then keeping them in the sun. Gaps in the walls should be filled with a sealant, and any piece of furniture that has holes should be got rid of to avoid them from turning into breeding grounds for these bugs.

You probably think that it is not a priority for you to administer pest control measures for your home right now. For some reason in the future, you might be putting your house up for sale even if it’s not something that you would wish to do as of the moment. No matter how attractive your residence is from the outside, real estate brokers and buyers would avoid it if they notice signs of pest infestations. For example, termite colonies discovered in the foundation of your residence are huge hindrances for likely buyers. Also, if you are thinking about using your house as a collateral for loan, there is a greater probability that a lending company would deny your loan application if they find pest infestation when they visually inspect your house. Hence, in order for your property to remain as a good investment, just consider the fee for hiring an expert pest exterminator as a safeguard to the conservation of the structural quality of your abode.

If you are going through a serious mosquito and bed bug problem in your household, we can be of great assistance to you and your family in making sure that you will never be bothered by these pests in your houses anymore.. Also published at How to Curb the Bed Bugs Problem.

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