How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are a source of vexation that most households can do without. These irritating pests survive on warm blood, and if human victims are not available then they target household pets like dogs. To confront this problem, one must adopt foolproof pest control measures.

Bed bugs infestation is mainly spread through travellers, but once these nasty bugs reach a new place they make it their own quickly. Crevices in room furniture and carpets are the best places for bed bugs to take sanctuary in and prosper.

During day, bed bugs remain in dark places. They favor fabric, wood, and paper surfaces. They normally reside near the host. They can also be seen in tuffs, creases, and foldings of mattresses.

Quite a lot of people harbour the wrong notion that bed bugs like places that are unclean. Since these creatures feed on blood and not trash, cleanliness doesn’t help in eradicating them. However, keeping the surroundings sanitized and dirt free can assist in easy spotting of these bugs.

Another commonly held myth connected with bed bugs is that they can’t be seen without artificial help as they are very small. In fact, these pests can be seen without any difficulty, yet we rarely see them because they have flat bodies that help them hide easily in narrow slits of furniture or layers of cloth.

Bed bugs bite. They can survive long without eating – up to 6 months or a year.

When it comes to sanitizing a home of bed bugs, not many people can do the job better than an experienced pest controller, so it is better to call in such a person instead of trying to rid these pests all by yourself. However, if you want to fight bed bugs on your own, the next best thing to do is to properly wash carpets, bed linen etc. in hot water and then let them to dry in the sun. Gaps in the walls must be filled with a sealant, and any furniture item that has holes must be got rid of as they can turn into potential habitats for these pests.

Are you wondering about the importance of administering pest control measures in your home? Although you assume that nothing will compel you to move out, you might, someday, be putting your house up for sale because of some reason. Potential buyers would definitely steer clear of any residence that has signs of pest infestation; they know that a property infested with pests is a bad investment. A termite colony existing in your home’s foundation could very well diminish the resale value of your home. Also, if you are considering utilizing your house as a collateral for loan, there is a higher likelihood that a lending company would refuse your loan application if they see pest infestation when they visually assess your property. So, in order for your house to remain as a smart investment, just consider the fee for hiring an expert pest exterminator as a precaution to the conservation of the structural quality of your home.

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