How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs

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Before a bed bug invasion is even discovered, it’s felt. A lot of people will drift off and then awaken with itchy bites all over themselves. Although a few other bugs, particularly mosquitos, might cause this, if you’re experiencing this you ought to investigate further.

Next contemplate, what else has changed? Did you just get back home from a trip whether it is abroad or merely staying in a hotel for several days? The red skin bumps bed bugs often leave behind can hibernate and take a day or two to appear.

Perhaps you’ve purchased any used furniture or bedding? Bedbugs are notorious hitchhikers and even a treated mattress will typically still contain live these bugs that could replicate and continue the infestation.

If this sounds familiar it could be time to dig a littler further and look for distinct proof of bed bug infestation If you think that you could have brought bedbugs home with you from your getaway, promptly take all of your luggage and then any outfits or other belogings you brought on the getaway, out of your house and away from your loved ones.

The next phase is to examine your sleeping quarters.

Luckily bedbugs are really easy to spot and sometimes their activity sometimes appears with regards to the seriousness of the invasion. Your average adult bedbug is a brown/brick colored pest about the size of an apple seed and round in shape, particularly after feeding. The immature or nymph bed bugs may be harder to view since they’re smaller (aprox the size of a flea) and are also very light colored. Bedbug eggs look like tiny pearls, approximately the size of a pin. Unless you have a considerable infestation, you won’t have the ability to see these using the human eye alone.

Where to Look? These bugs typically choose to move along seams, near tags, behind bedboards ect. Similar to cockroaches, they like to move along edges and wedge themselves into little crevices. Dive in to these cracks and crevices and you will find the bugs themselves, or remmanants of their presence. Some of these remmanants include fecal matter and molted skins. Fortunately most mattresses are bright or off-white so these tiny spots of fecal matter are simpler to see . You’ll find that their small with black and dark red spots and often in groups.

If this all sounds familiar, NOW is the time to take action. Every day that elapses assures that the infestation festers.

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