How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Bedbugs

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In major metropolitan areas, like New York City, we have seen a resurgence in bedbug infestations. These bugs are not confined to city areas, and, if left unchecked, can easily travel worldwide by riding on a human or animal host. Regardless if you are trying to eliminate bedbugs from your home, or trying to prevent a possible infestation, you need to read and implement the strategies in the following paragraphs. Note that treatment used against bed bugs will not be comparable to products used for head lice treatment.

If you do have bedbugs, you obviously want to take all possible measures to get rid of them, which may include getting rid of old furniture and possibly calling a professional exterminator. You may get painful and itchy bites on your body if you do have these little bugs in your house. Just like it’s not a good idea to scratch a mosquito bite, scratching a bedbug bite will only make it worse. The first thing you should do is wash the area where you have been bitten with soap and water. Next, you should apply an anti-itch product that you can get at your local pharmacy or a natural food store. Contrary to popular rumors, it is not possible for a bedbug spread a deadly disease by biting you.

The new furniture you are thinking about purchasing may come with little friends, bedbugs. Brand new furniture isn’t guaranteed to be free from bedbugs. Bedbugs sometimes live in delivery trucks and warehouses. That’s why you have to be vigilant about inspected items that are delivered to your home, even if they appear shiny and spotless. Tiny bedbugs, won’t stand out very much, so do a very detailed inspection and look for the signs of bedbugs.

Here’s a shocking fact: Bedbugs can actually live in bird’s nests! If you currently have an infestation, one thing you should do is to removal all bird and bat nests from your home. This includes nests in your attic, porch, and or basement. There are many reasons why people like to have bats around their home, mostly because bats help control insects such as mosquitoes but if you are dealing with a bedbug problem, having bats around could actually make your infestation even worse. Bird lovers may cringe at the thought of taking down bird nests but it’s a necessary step to get rid of bed bugs. Other indoor pets such as hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and rabbits or other animals kept in cages could have bedbugs in their cages with them. All cages should be deep cleaned and the animals need to be inspected for signs of bedbugs.

Nothing is safe from bedbugs, including household items, a bird’s nest, or a hole in your wall. Bedbugs can only be found by searching every possible location that they could possibly live. Take drawers out of dressers and nightstands and turn furniture over to make sure there aren’t any bugs in the woodwork. You must check everywhere because these creatures are not picky about where they reside. When bedbugs invade your home, you may feel embarrassed but you should know, it’s really not your fault. These little critters can enter a household in any number of ways, from a furniture delivery to a house guest who brought them in his or her backpack or suitcase. If you do have them, you just have to figure out the best strategy to get rid of them, which may include calling a pest control service. Pesky bedbugs don’t have to ruin your life or take over your home. With effective treatment you will get rid of them and get your house back!

A different issue that always affects adults and kids, especially girls, is head lice. Treating head lice can be as tough as treating bed bugs. If you think that your daughter has lice, you may want to know more about does lavender deter head lice. Check out HeadLiceCenter now for details.

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