How To Safely Eliminate Mosquitoes

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People see mosquitoes everywhere. They are one of the most familiar pests the world over. These flying, biting insects breed and lay their eggs in stagnant water. Their eggs become larvae and soon turn into adult flying pests. Despite their small size, these insects are harbingers of dangerous diseases.

Protection From Mosquitoes

Some effective tips to keep mosquitoes at bay include keeping your surroundings clean and free from trash, disposing of empty containers that hold stagnant water, and screening your house off from outdoor bugs and insects. Always make your place free from any pest-magnets.

But if you wish to keep your family absolutely safe from diseases like dengue, malaria, or a host of ominous sounding medical terms, then it’s important to have a specific pest control plan. This is the reason why residential owners need to check out the various pest control methods available today.

Hire a professional pest control service company if you think you can’t do the job. Let the experts in the field assess your situation, and listen to their advice. They have the means and know-how to effectively eliminate the pests. All you do is wait at a distance for them to finish the process as they bring in the fungicides and insecticides and all their equipment.

Ensuring Safety During A Mosquito Control Campaign

In terms of effects on health and the environment, one of the safest methods is biological pest control. This method has less impact as it eliminates pests without the need for any chemical concoction. Predators and parasites instead get released in the infested area. These natural biological enemies attack the pests themselves. The environment, other bugs and insects, pets as well as people are left unharmed.

Some pest control methods use Bt bacteria as a larvicide. This method attacks mosquito larvae. Instead of fumigating or spraying chemicals, the larvicide is merely released in standing water where the larvae dwell.

Another safe alternative is the integrated pest management (IPM) approach. This is a holistic approach that encompasses not only the controlled and responsible application of plant-derived pesticides, but also monitoring, analysis, and a mix of techniques. Although the system had its beginnings in agriculture, it is now being used in residential pest control management.

It’s important to have an effective pest control plan to address the problem of a pest infestation before it gets worse. Eradicating mosquitoes, for instance, needs more than using screens. Biological control methods are necessary. (7177). Also published at How To Safely Eliminate Mosquitoes.

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