Infrared Technology And Termite location

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Infrared technology has been utilized for decades to search for humans and other animals. It even has uses in various fields of science and technology, but until very recently, no one had had the idea of making use of infrared to locate termites and other insects. When, you hear about it, it makes sense, because a huge number of animals working and living together will create heat, even if they are termites.

However, now that the link between infrared and termite location has been made and there are devices on the market, professional pest controllers have welcomed the new technology with open arms and adopted it into their armoury of weapons against termites that occupy our homes. Nowadays, thousands of forward-thinking pest control companies can offer termite detection by means of infrared cameras.

Now, these infrared cameras are not cheap, but as with all other kinds of new technology, the price is dropping as there is more and more demand. This will have a big effect on the price of a termite survey, because formerly, people had to go digging holes all over the place to find the nest. You see the real problem is that the most harmful termites are subterranean, ie, their nests are underground.

It was always very difficult to find and destroy the nest and nearly all the harm caused to timber in the USA is made by these subterranean species of termites. The latest estimate I can find for termite damage and deterrence in the USA is $11 billion – but that was in 1999. More than a decade ago!

Previous to these infrared termite location cameras coming on the market, the method of finding termite galleries, was to tap a joist and listen to determine if it was a little bit hollow. Then, the expert would break the timber open to see whether he was right. Discovering termite galleries or walkways by this means was unavoidably damaging and so not the best.

Additionally, disturbing termite workers in this manner, causes them to signal a withdrawal and they all run back to the nest. This can decrease the effectiveness of further detection and subsequent spraying. The termite pest control industry was looking for a way around this predicament for a long time.

Then along came the infrared termite detection camera. So, nowadays, a termite exterminator does not even have to interrupt much, he can sneak quietly around the property inserting the lens of the video camera into nooks and crannies and see what is going on. The camera lens is on a stem which allows it to be inserted into galleries in timber and earth to make following them back to the nest easier.

The infrared termite location camera has taken the struggle against the termite on to a new level. It has also lowered the amount of damage that an examination for termites leads to and it should bring the cost of a survey down as well. The only thing that an infrared termite detection camera cannot help you with is the cost of getting rid of the termites if you actually do have an infestation.

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