Know The Side Effects of Bed Bugs Bites

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It is common knowledge that bed bugs bites can really get itchy. Although the itchiness can get quite uncomfortable, it is certainly not very serious on the health point of view. It can be an accurate assessment, though, that the world is moving toward a bed bug pandemic. Many people are now asking if there are other side effects that bites from bed bugs can cause aside from the obvious one which is an itchy skin.

For people who are bitten by bed bugs, the following are two known side effects it brings. The first side effect is the more obvious one which is the itchiness to skin caused by the actual bite from the insect. Every person has different reactions when it comes to being bitten by bed bugs. For some people, they do not even notice any difference after they have been bitten. Unfortunately, there are people who are who experience tremendous itchiness and even develop reddish welts on the skin.

These people who develop more sensitivity to the bite usually have risk of having further skin infections. When they are not able to control their scratching, they can irritate their skin further that will cause damage and then infections will soon follow.

Another side effect of bed bugs bites is not associated with the physical problem by the bite itself but rather it is more of a psychological reaction to the existence of the bed bugs. This symptom usually results for the person to have sleeping issues, develop stress, and in extreme cases experience depression. In the face of a possible bed bugs infestation, these people usually feel helpless and vulnerable.

Although uncommon, it is not new for some people to become distressed and unable to sleep when they learn that their room or house can be infested by crawling insects such as bed bugs. Their problem with sleep may have resulted from a number of emotions that include fear of experiencing bed bugs bites over and over again while they are asleep. It may also be prompted by being kept awake by the pain caused by severe itch. The more serious symptoms like stress and depression are believed to be the product of lack of sleep.

The truth is there absolutely no reason for any mass panic due to bed bugs bites since scientific research have revealed that no evidence exists that bed bugs transmit diseases to humans through their bites. In fact, people have greater chances of getting hurt through misuse of pesticides than getting it from the bite of bed bugs.

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