Learn All About Bed Bug Dog Inspection in NYC

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In the past, dogs have been used for various purposes especially detection of such things such as cadavers, fugitives, termites, mold, drugs and bombs. One would wonder then if they can be used in bed bug detection. This article is about bed bug dog inspection in NYC and as we shall soon find out, it is already available for use.

There are many businesses that have started offering these services. It must however be noted that as much as it is a viable and innovative technique, one still must take precautions for it is still a new concept and is still developing. Before contracting a company to supply these services, there are some things one ought to look into. One of them is how frequently do their dogs have false detections, the other is how many times do they miss detections while in fact there are pests present.

Many of these companies will claim that their detection team is competent, but it is important to look into these claims and the kind of research that they have done to verify these claims. Even though this method is promising, it still is a technique that is evolving and caution should be exercised if one plans on using this method of detection. This is so that one is assured that the team you contract will be able to deliver quality services.

One thing the client also needs to realize is that these teams are quite different from one another and that the techniques they use to train their dogs are different as well. You should however be able to expect that a well trained detection dog will be capable of identifying a very small number of live bugs, at times as few as one. The dog should also be able to differentiate between viable eggs, live bugs and carcasses as well.

There are limitations to this method of inspection, for instance many handlers have cross trained their canines to detect multiple scents so it may be a little difficult to differentiate the alerts made by the animal, it could be that it has detected some mold or bugs but one cannot tell the difference.

There are also scenarios where the dog may not detect pests even where there are present. This is because these canines solely depend on their noses for detection and they may at times get it wrong. For instance if the object to be detected is elevated above the canine and there is some airflow in the room, the canine may fail to detect it. For the object to be detected there should be minimal draft or airflow.

There are however many instances where the canine will detect these pets in areas where it would have been impossible to detect. For example behind base boards, under the bed inside box springs, behind book shelves, along carpet strips or even viable eggs from a pile of clothes or a box filled with toys and stuffed animals.

Once the inspection of the premises is complete, one will need to decide on what to do with the results of the search, that is whether to rely fully on what they find or use other means for confirmation. One good advice is to use two separate teams with two canines, because one can then later compare the result for better accuracy of the results.

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