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Las Vegas, like many other areas, is filled with animals commonly perceived as pests. Some are more common than others and for most, an infestation in your house or business can be a serious problem. Depending on the type of pest and the size of the infestation, most of the time you are better off calling an exterminator versus dealing with the pest yourself.

Here are some common pests that you may want to get professional help to deal with. Cockroaches are probably the most common and most reviled insect pest. They are well known to transmit diseases such as gastroenteritis, often called food poisoning.

The organisms that cause this disease are deposited on food and food preparation areas as the cockroach roams around looking for food. The excrement and dead skin from cockroaches are known to aggravate allergies and asthma. The main species found in Las Vegas include the German Cockroach, the American Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach.

Rodents, including mice and rats, can quickly become nuisances in and around houses. Besides carrying diseases, they chew through insulation, cords and food containers. They breed quickly and in the case of mice, the young are able to breed themselves within five to eight weeks. As rats and mice often make their homes in hard-to-reach places such as attics, roofs and in the walls, you may have a difficult time trying to get them out.

There are many different kind of ants, and they don’t have to be biting or large to be a nuisance. Yellowjackets, Hornets, Wasps and Killer Bees are all bees that are found in Nevada, including Las Vegas. Bees and wasps are considered to be dangerous because of possible allergic responses to their stings. This is especially the case for wasps and hornets. Nests near houses or on houses can create an immediate problem as bees sometimes attack anyone getting too close.

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