Make The Most Of Your Combat With Stink Bugs! Uncover A Few Facts About Them!

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Over the last ten years the Stink Bugs turned out to be on the list of species bringing up worries among the farm and garden owners. The excellent conditions they found in the US, their ability to reproduce extremely fast as well as their pesticide resistance are the factors making them an absolute danger.

Today you will discover numerous web sites and ideas on the internet related to eradicating these little “friends”, diverse insecticide offerings helping you fight them and books to get rid of them all, on your own.

I feel that one of the many bad sides of a stink bug invasion is that it can easily shift from your yard, a nearby farm or perhaps some fruit trees close to you, right into your dwelling. Well, this is a thing I do not want anyone to experience.

I want to give you several of the facts about the Stink Bugs and what you must know about them:

Fact 1 – Bug Origin

Stink Bugs are originating from Asia, where these are a well-known agricultural pest. As soon as I figured this out I started thinking “How on earth they transferred to the United States?” Well, the answer is a pretty simple one. With the amount of trade involving Asian countries (mainly China) and other countries around the world the pesky insects arrived as part of the cargo. Probably they came in storage units with products or perhaps as ship passengers.

Fact 2 – Name Origin

Stink Bugs may also be named Shield Bugs. The reasons for the two names can be a little bit different. The first is the more preferred name used frequently and the second has a scientific source.

They are called Stink Bugs as they are utilizing a smelly fluid as a mean of defense against potential predators. The odor just isn’t nice and a human is actually not shielded from it. They may release it any time you carry them in your hands, when you smash them or want to do something else which can make them feel at risk.

The Shield Bugs name arises from the shield form of their bodies. The pesky insects have top and under wings. The top wings are harder (just like a shield or armor) while the under wings are membranous.

Fact 3 – Their Food List

The Shield Bugs are mostly vegetarians. They consume vegetables, fruits or various crops which appear to be tasty to them. On the list of favorite foods are tomato plants, apples, soy bean etc. You can actually notice that there was a recent pest feast when you see the discolored spots on the places they sucked juices from. With that in mind an invasion can really have a damaging impact on the farms and gardens.

Additionally, there are predatory types of Shield Bugs which eat other insects and also other Stink Bugs. The predatory bugs are thought to be a good way to battle contaminations.

Fact 4 – Do they bite humans? Why not?

It is not a well-known fact and there are some people protecting the thought that they never bite. Now I’ve had the experience to be attacked by a Stink Bug and can inform you that they do it. I hope you don’t get me wrong! Shield Bugs are usually harmless and they are not feeding with your blood like the mosquitoes, so you shouldn’t feel in danger.

Once again this is a protective reaction and if you make them feel threatened, you are going to feel their bite. They are certainly not poisonous and there won’t be any long lasting effects for you personally or your children.

Fact 5 – Can They Fly?

They are flying pests. Utilizing the membranous wings they are flying in an effort to relocate to their favorite food source.

In order to get rid of stink bugs effectively, you need to dive deeper into the stink bug infestation causes!

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