Modern and Green Approach towards Pest Control Management

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Insects and animals have been one of the chief threats to human lives and properties since the beginning of human civilization. There have been instances in the past when almost the entire population of a country used to be wiped out by illness, such as the plague and influenza which were carried by rats and mice, cockroaches, houseflies and other pests. In just 3 years from 1348 to 1350, the Black Death killed an estimated 100 million people in Europe, reducing by 60% of the continent’s population at that time. In 1918 an influenza pandemic called the Spanish flu decimated an estimated 50 to 100 million people around the world. In spite of contemporary medicines and pest control methods, these and other diseases spread by insects and animals continue to take a serious cost on human lives and properties.

In addition to spreading sickness, pests cause damages to properties of hundreds of millions of dollars all over the world. Every year, thousands of homes have to be destroyed because of termite infestation. Although termites do not cause illness, they are possibly the most destructive pests in terms of the destructions they cause to properties in many countries. Rodents like rats and mice are found all over the world. While they are not known to cause large scale harm to properties, they steal millions of tons of foods and crops every year and spread terminal diseases. Mosquitoes and snakes cause thousands of deaths every year. Opossums, raccoons and foxes invade homes in their quest for something to eat. In some areas in India and Africa, groups of hungry monkeys and baboons bother people and destroy properties on a daily basis.

Old approaches to pest control made attempts at destroying pests with every possible means. These included environmentally harmless methods such as trapping, fencing, hunting and controlled burning to very unsafe methods such as food poisoning, spraying toxic gases and burning entire fields. When plagued by large-scale pest invasion, these methods either failed or were damaging to human health and properties. In the case of animals such as rabbits, foxes and possums, these approaches are also considered to be inhumane.

Because of health and environment considerations, new approaches to pest control are emerging that are harmless to the ecology, compassionate and efficient. These techniques involve integrated pest management, non-chemical monitoring, carefully targeted application and eco-friendly prevention measures. The first involves determining the level of infestation and devising a treatment plan. The second involves monitoring pest-prone parts of the house to pinpoint the exact place infested by pests. The third is concerned with targeting the particular pest that is causing problems. And the last concerns implementing the planned corrective actions, such as application of green drugs and building walls.

If you have one or two mice, cockroach or monkey running about your kitchen, you can probably get rid of that with little trouble. However, if you have a large scale invasion, your only alternative will be to get professional help. This is what pest control companies specialize in. They have the expertise, equipment and materials to get rid of the pests in your home.

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