Mole Chasers

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Staying outdoors is a great way of enjoying yourself but not if there are pests lurking. That surely takes away the fun. Ultrasonic devices, electronic yard fences and strobe lights – these are the technology at present that helps us eradicate these annoying pests in a safer way. No need to worry of getting caught in your own trap, or being poisoned by the pesticide or chemical that you placed because there is no more use for that now. Kids and old people alike can freely go around the garden because it is safe, and likewise animals that do not create trouble can also visit the garden.

No one gets hurt when these products are used, even the animals that are not welcome is kept away in a safe and kind manner with the use of these products. The ears of the animals will hear a high frequency sound or vibration coming from the ultrasonic devices. Because it pains them, they would stay away. I have a friend who absolutely despised the squirrels in her yard. They damaged her greeneries, even her house and chewed off the canvas of her chairs that were on the deck. So, she bought an ultrasonic gadget and it was perfect! How are they now? Well, my friend is now enjoying the garden without the troubles and the squirrels, they’re still out there rummaging somebody else’s garden I think.

Gophers and moles can create a major destruction to your garden, shrubs and vegetations. With all the surface tunnels and heaps of soil on your newly mowed lawn, that is sure to give you a headache and a pain in the feet because you might trip yourself going all about the damages they have caused. These rodents often dig tunnels beneath the surface creating air vents for their homes below and in your well kept garden. Their burrows’ measurement can stretch up to many miles and if you dig down, it can go as deep as 5 feet, the least is two feet. Digging is in their nature and they can have 12 babies the most in a brood. What they eat, they automatically convert it to energy so their bodies do not stock up fat and that is why they do not hide away and sleep. The estimated yearly intake of food for a mole is 40 pounds. It’s their way of life -dig, eat, dig eat. Moles feed on worms, which are important in plant aeration to make the plants grow healthy. Gophers consume on roots and plant matter.

Moles create meandering surface tunnels, while gophers rarely have surface tunnels – and when they do, they are straighter. If a gopher’s mound looks like a kidney bean, a mole’s mound looks like a tiny cone that is upside down. Thriving on vigorous and verdant greens, these tiny creatures live beneath it. Tree roots, grains, grasses, shrubs and some of the vegetables such as carrots, peas and beans are often the target of gophers and moles to chew on. Even flowers like lilies, irises and tulips can’t escape their mouths. Although moles prefer and will mostly feed on grubs, worms and insects, they will munch on plant materials. Gophers though prefer plant materials that are succulent. Gophers, voles, moles, chipmunks and woodchucks are known for their intelligence. These creatures are notorious in their elusion from our old ways of pest control such as traps, baits and poisons.

You can easily identify that there’s a gopher or mole in your garden by the way your garden looks with all the ruins, mounds and surface tunnels. I am a lover of life. I cannot kill. I move spiders out of the house and snakes towards the lake (I know what you’re thinking, “Why on earth would she do that?”) I do not think killing is the answer. Therefore, my advice is buy an ultrasonic gadget now.

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