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We all like having fun in the garden. There are pests though that are such a kill joy. Thankfully with today’s technological advances, we can safely get rid of unwanted pests without using traps, pesticides or chemicals that can be harmful to humans, especially children and the elderly, and desirable wildlife by using ultrasonic devices, electronic yard fences or strobe lights.

These products allow us to deal with unwanted pests in a humane and safe way and work on gophers, moles, squirrels, deer, cats, dogs, or any unwanted intruder. The ears of the animals will hear a high frequency sound or vibration coming from the ultrasonic devices. Because it pains them, they would stay away. My friend has a garden who is constantly run down by squirrels and she totally loathes them. Not only did they destroyed her garden, they also destroyed parts of the house including the chairs that were on the deck. They ate the coverings of the chairs. She decided to buy an ultrasonic device and after the installation, it worked wonders! How are they now? Well, my friend is now enjoying the garden without the troubles and the squirrels, they’re still out there rummaging somebody else’s garden I think.

Gophers and moles can create a major destruction to your garden, shrubs and vegetations. Not only does it do harm to your lawn but also to your own safety because you are sure to fall down and slip with all the mounds and tunnels on the surface they made. Air shafts. That is what they are making. These rodents tunnel their way through that good-looking garden of yours to make air shafts for their homes underneath the ground. Their burrows’ measurement can stretch up to many miles and if you dig down, it can go as deep as 5 feet, the least is two feet. They are born to dig and will have up to 12 babies per litter. Their food intake is equivalent to their own body weight, so they don’t hibernate because their bodies won’t store fat. The estimated yearly intake of food for a mole is 40 pounds. It’s their way of life -dig, eat, dig eat. Worms are vital in plant growth, they burrow in the soil to allow air to be absorbed by the plants’ roots. However, moles prevent them from doing so because they become mole food. Gophers eat roots and plant material.

The surface tunnels made by moles are usually twisted while tunnels made by gophers, which they seldom do, are linear. If a gopher’s mound looks like a kidney bean, a mole’s mound looks like a tiny cone that is upside down. These little creatures thrive underground on healthy, lush, lawns. Gophers and moles chew on roots of trees, grains, grasses, shrubs and a variety of vegetables. They like lilies, irises, tulips, carrots, peas, and beans. Even though moles feed mostly on grubs, worms and insects, they also feed on plant materials. However, gophers like it better if the plant material is tender. Gophers, moles, voles, chipmunks, and woodchucks are very intelligent animals. They have been known to avoid and overcome traps, shun baits and poisons.

You can easily identify that there’s a gopher or mole in your garden by the way your garden looks with all the ruins, mounds and surface tunnels. Anything that is living, I value their existence by not taking it away from them. I move spiders out of the house and snakes towards the lake (I know what you’re thinking, “Why on earth would she do that?”) So, I wouldn’t recommend killing them to get rid of them, but trying one of the many alternative ultrasonic devices available.

Perhaps it’s time for you to acquire your personal ultrasonic mole repellent. At Safe Home, you are able to buy all kinds of ultrasonic mole repellents readily available.

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