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Ocala is known as the lightning capital of the world. Apparently it has something to do with the limestone that is in abundance here that attracts so many strikes. Limestone also fortifies the pasture grass in such a way that the benefits to horses is unmatched in all the world as well. While those two distinctions are great to put on any ad there is one that you’ll not see. Ocala Florida is also a bug capital of the world and most find that out soon after moving in. The humidity and constant heat make for a perfect place for almost any bug and they have been bothering Ocala residents since the first home was ever settled.

Pest control has long been an established occupation in this area and people have come to depend on this needed service. On any given day you can see ten different bug trucks going ten different ways trying to keep up with the demand. Competition is high because there are so many services but in the end there are plenty of bugs to go around.

The climate in Ocala allows for many different kinds of bugs to thrive here. Moisture is abundant with frequent summer showers and the humidity is perfect for most insects. Add to this the constant heat and the bugs have all the odds in their favor to live a long and successful life. What some northern states may consider a big insect problem might just be a small nuisance for a resident whose lived in the Ocala area for any length of time.

Services vary from company to company and strict rules are in place to assure a minimum standard. Each company has to have a certified operator for each category they offer and technicians need verifiable training each year to remain current. These guidelines were set to keep fly by nights from engaging in pest control activity and thereby protecting the consumer.

Pest control in Ocala and the surrounding areas is far different than in other parts of the states. Ants and roaches can look almost identical but need completely different sprays or baits to wipe them out. Good technicians know that identifying the bug correctly is the first step in positive control. Products are so much better now than they were even just a few years ago but the number one thing most companies rely on is repetitive service. Monthly, bimonthly or quarterly visits work best but still what most companies offer is control and not elimination. You may wipe out one colony of a pest in an Ocala home or business but there are many more lurking not far away ready to take their place.

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