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Like every pest known to man, bedbugs are bothersome small creatures that cause mayhem in our lives. These night bugs not only ruin our sleep by preying on us during the night, they also leave us with inflamed and unsightly rashes. Because of their tiny size, they are seldom seen, but their presence can undeniably be felt. Sadly for us, they distribute so easily in our home. They are also hard to spot and difficult to eradicate.

Cimex lectularius, or more frequently known as the small parasitic bed bugs, got their name because they like to feed on people while they sleep in bed at night. They are elliptical in shape and a small reddish brown in color. Their small size, just around five millimeters long, allow them to effortlessly go into hiding in small gaps in the walls or floors and in tight spaces in mattresses, pillows, clothing, and other fabrics.

They have been aggravating people’s sleep for thousands of years. In the 1940s, they were almost completely eliminated in North America, but apparently, they have made a fierce comeback in mid 1990s. They are as infuriating as ever today.

They are virtually undetectable to people because they can take cover in tiny gaps and they strike when we least know it, during our sleep. Even though we can hardly ever catch them in action, we can still eliminate them. Admittedly, though, that they are more difficult to wipe out than other parasites, like mosquitoes and cockroaches.

In eradicating mosquitoes and most creatures, we need to get rid of their breeding ground. Fumigating the whole residence and taking away their source, such as a pool of stagnant water, will do wonders in exterminating these creatures. But with bed bugs, because they easily distribute all over the place in the house, they are difficult to spot and eliminate. But while they are almost imperceptible to us, they are definitely not indestructible. There are techniques on how to wipe out these pests from our home.

It takes lots of steps to exterminate bedbugs. Although fumigation of the residence can help, it’s not all there is to it. We can begin by cleaning the entire property and putting protective cases on the bed, pillows, and other items. Some people use pesticides to eradicate them, but bed bugs easily develop resistance to most products. If despite all our efforts, bed bugs still exists or the infiltration continues or exacerbates, it’s time to call on the bug extermination specialists to get rid of them completely.

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