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Anyone who has visited London will probably have noticed that there is quite a big problem with pigeons. It is a city with a huge population of them, and they cause problems with the mess that they make. If you require pigeon control, london has many pest control companies which will be able to help.

The Problems Pigeons Cause

Some people don’t like the look of pigeons themselves, but nobody likes the mess that they make. It’s bad enough when it’s in a public space like a park or a square, but when it is on your own property then it becomes a personal issue.

If the only problem, however, was that they just made places look less nice then that would not be so bad. In truth though, all of the droppings can carry nasty diseases. If you get any on you then, after falling over for example, then it becomes a health issue as well. Washing it off quickly is a necessity.

The likelihood of falling over is enhanced by the mess as well as it can be very slippery. You should be careful when walking around, therefore, to make sure that you do not slip up on any. You could be physically hurt in this way, or get some on your skin, the problems of which are described above.

Coming back to the visual problems though, if the droppings are left on a car for any length of time then they can do damage to the paint work. So it’s not just the short term untidiness that they make, it can also lead to more long term visual problems which will take money to resolve.

The Solution

The way that most pests are dealt with is that you remove the conditions that led to them in the first place, and you also kill the pests that are there. With rats, for example, you make the property clean and remove all water sources they can get to (for example leaking pipes) and you also poison or trap them.

Unfortunately with pigeons you can do neither of these things. You cannot kill them, and you cannot remove the conditions in which they thrive. The idea of killing birds is not a very nice one, but beyond that it also is not very practical as there are so many in such a large area. It’s due to the fact they operate over such a large area that their food sources cannot be removed either.

Instead, therefore, all we can do is discourage them from going in particular places. They can fly wherever they want of course, but they make the most mess places where they perch. What can be done, then, is remove perching opportunities.

There are two ways to limit the places that they can perch. One is to use spikes on the sides of buildings, the other is to put nets over the roof. Neither hurt the birds of course because the spikes simply deter them from even trying to perch where they are present.

What About Open Spaces?

The solutions just described will only work for relatively limited areas though, for one single building for example. It requires that the space which has to be protected is quite limited. Car parks, however, which are larger open spaces, can not really be protected in this way.

Instead, what can be done, is a little bit of natural pest control. In other words, releasing in to the environment something from nature which the pigeon are naturally repelled by. One such option in terms of pigeons is to let a hawk loose (with a handler close by of course) and this will keep the pests out of the area.

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