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Spring has almost arrived in Colorado and across the US and what this suggests for homeowners is the increased potential for encountering a raccoon on or around you property. Raccoons typically friend during the cold winter months and give birth to their litters in early spring, just in time for the warmer weather.

The natural environment of raccoons are wooded areas near streams and lakes but because of land development as well as the variety of food sources and shelter they've started encroaching on urban and suburban communities in Denver, Fort Collins and other cities and towns throughout the country. Below you can find useful tips about how to dump raccoons as well as the proper way to deter them from invading your yard and home.

One of the real reasons raccoons shall visit your house is for food. They don't seem to be picky eaters and will consume just about anything they can find while scavenging in the nighttime hours. Your trash, garden, pet food and even bird seed will make a high quality meal for these masked pests. Making sure your garbage cans are firmly sealed or put away in a secured area that is not accessible to these monsters can help as well as cropping your garden constantly and taking in your pet’s food and water at night.

While raccoons are wild animals they won't hesitate to den in manmade structures. Females especially will look for warm shelter to incline their litters and protect them from predators. Attics, chimneys, crawlspaces and outbuildings are all ideal areas for raccoons to nest. They are recalcitrant critters and will go as far as to break into a roof’s overhangs, through shingles or vents and really anywhere they can find a structural weakness. Keeping overhanging trees trimmed away from your place, sealing off any potential entry points and pet doors locked at night can help prevent raccoons from entering your house.

It is important to understand that raccoons are wild animals and while they may appear innocuous are dangerous to have around. They are known transmitters of rabies and other heavy sicknesses and have the capability to attack people and pets, particularly if cornered. To guarantee your home and family is safe from raccoons the most perfect solution is to contact a professional pest control and wildlife removal company in your neighborhood.

Trained raccoons specialists have the information and clobber to safely and effectively trap and remove raccoons without harming themselves or the animal. Remember spring is the time of the year when raccoon activity increases but you don't have to let them become a nuisance pest in or around your house.

Removing raccoons could be a tough task. It is best if you consult professional animal control mechanics to accomplish the job for you. This way you can avoid having to deal with any damage due to the raccoons.

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