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The problem with rats in London is well documented, but it is hardly strange. Any big city is going to require quite extensive rat control, london is no different. That’s because of all of the food sources that will be available due to such a large population of system, as well of course as a large sewer network.

Spotting Rat Infestations

Before you actually see a rat, it’s extremely likely that there will be all sorts of signs that you might have spotted first. Some of them are quite obvious, and others are more subtle. They can be grouped in to the categories of sound, sight and smell.

Auditory Clues. When rats run across a hard surface their claws will make a sort of scurrying noise. When it’s late at night you might be able to hear them on the kitchen floor.

Visual Clues. They leave a number of visual clues in their wake, one of the most obvious being their droppings. Best not to mistake them for sultanas, although they do look alike. They also chew constantly so you might see gnawing marks on furniture.

Olfactory Clues. It should be no surprise that a rat infestation does not smell nice. It will be most pungent close to the nest, which is often found behind walls or underneath floorboards.

Rat Control

Two general options exist when it comes to rat removal, poison and traps. There are advantages to both methods, and disadvantages also of course.

In terms of rat traps, these will usually be the best to use. That’s because once the rat takes the bait, they will literally be trapped. They might also be killed at the same time of course. Either way though, getting rid of the body is going to be relatively simple.

When it comes to poison, disposing of the bodies becomes more difficult. That’s because they won’t die straight after taking the poison so there’s no way of saying where they will be when they actually do die. It might well be somewhere out of reach, where the body will have to be left to rot. However if there is a large infestation then poison will kill more of them in one go.

Preventative Techniques

To prevent a rat infestation you first of all have to know what it is that they are looking for, why they chose your property to infest in the first place. This is quite simple, they need the same things that we do, food and water.

Controlling their sources of food is simple, and it’s something that should be done for general hygiene reasons in any case. That is, cleaning up. If a mess is made, if crumbs are spilled, they should be cleaned up. Dirty dishes should be washed. Doing these things will keep your house clean, but it might not be enough to keep rats away.

If you were out in the desert without supplies, you wouldn’t pass up the opportunity of getting water just because there was no food around. So if rats can get water from your house, perhaps from a pipe that is leaking or from a drain that is blocked, they will. And then they might stick around and go and see if there is any food as well.

Finally you should try to seal up any holes, any ways in to your property. You shouldn’t just be looking for rat sized holes either, they are very good at squeezing through holes that would look as if they are too big for.

As a final note, if you are dealing with a rat infestation, it’s not just about getting rid of them. These prevention techniques should be performed at the same time as this will ensure that there won’t be another infestation in the future.

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