Removing Mice From Your Basement

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Mice may be tiny, bushy, and cute, but that does not mean that you should let them wander free about your place. Given a chance they can be quite harmful. They'll take up residence in your cellar or attic room, and could be a discomfort to get rid of once they are established in an area. There are 3 easy steps you can take towards making your home mouse proof: seal off entry points, remove food sources, and eliminate nesting sites. Following these simple mouse prevention tips can help avoid a pricey extermination fee in the future.

The first thing that you wish to do is check for entry points. Mice only need an opening of 1/4 of an in. to get access to your house. One of the most common entry points is screens. Check screen doors and window screens for rips and tears that need mended. Other common access spots are openings around pipes and vents. Caulking these openings will go a great distance towards forestalling unwelcome creatures from taking up residence in your place. When you have blocked all the possible entry points that you can find, you will want to move on to eliminating the things which draw the mice in the first place.

More often than not mice and other rodents are drawn into your house because of food. Removing their source of food makes your home far less fascinating to them. Make sure you thoroughly clean the kitchen before going to bed for the night. Any scraps of food left out will definitely bring in pests. Store leftover food in airtight boxes of either glass or plastic, and put it into the refrigerator. Mice are also very keen on pet food and bird seeds. Once more, confirm these are stored in boxes with firmly locking lids.

The subsequent biggest draw for home invading pests is the provision of shelter. Mice like clutter; attics and basements are fave haunts because they're often crammed full of haphazardly stacked boxes. Organizing and cleaning these areas will significantly reduce the quantity of possible nesting sites. Card is also one of the mouse’s fave nesting material. They make their nests out of anything that shreds easily, including cardboard, newspapers, and magazines. Lose any old papers or books that you don't need to keep. If there are any that you cannot part with, make sure that they are stored in plastic tubs to keep them from being demolished.

These are just 3 tiny actions you can take to help stop mice from making your cellar their home. If you suspect it is too late for the prevention stage and you currently have a rodent problem, call a pest control pro before the infestation gets out of hand.

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