Several Rat Types

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Rats are rodents that belong to the Rattus genus of the family Muridae. These are the most dominant species on earth. There are several species of rats in the world. Most rodents eat plants, but some eat animals as well. In general, there are 2 basic types of rats. They are black or roof rats and Norway or brown rats. Both are believed to have originated in Asia & are now widely spread throughout the globe.

Black Rats

The black rats are sometimes called roof rats and ship rats, scientifically named Rattus Rattus. They are usually black, have a slender built, 16-21 cm long & weigh about 80-300 gram. Their tail is longer than the head & body & their nose and muzzle are pointed. They are called roof rats because they are climbers. Their paws enable them to climb & make nests in higher parts of dwellings, attics, rafters & crossbeams of buildings.

Brown Rat

The Norway rat is sometimes known as the house rat, brown rat, gray rat, barn rat or wharf rat. It is one of the best-known & is the larger of the two. Their scientific name is Rattus norvegicus. They are mostly grayish-brown, with a lighter colored stomach. A brown rat in full size is 18 to 26 cm long and weighs between 400 & 600 grams. They have a tail shorter than its body & their nose and muzzle are blunt. They prefer moist conditions & nest in deep burrows.

At around 3 – 4 months of age, these rats start to breed. They breed 1 to 13 times a year & produce 1 to 22 in a litter. Black rats and brown rats eat about the same things. Their diet usually consists of nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits, cereals, meats, seeds & invertebrates. They eat about a third of their weight in food everyday.

They damage structures, contaminate food and carry fatal diseases. Some of the diseases potentially fatal to man that spread through rats are plague, salmonella food poisoning, toxoplasmosis & Weil’s disease.

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