Stink Bug Control

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The best way to defeat a stink bug invasion is actually stopping it from happening to start with. In the winter time stink bugs are looking for a heated and protected location to hide. They end up wanting to take haven in your house! Start treating your house in the late summer season just before the weather gets chilly.

Be certain that you’re making frequent checks to seal off any possible entry points for stink bugs. This means changing or repairing ripped screens or resealing doorways or house windows. Close up the flues in your fireplaces and also the vents inside your attic room.

Cutting back on green vegetation that stink bugs like to feed on, for instance tomato plants or any other leafy vegetable plants, can help reduce stink bug infestations. Ensure you plant a garden in a place which isn’t in contact with any outside wall space.

Making use of commercially made bug sprays can help eliminate these stinky beasts. Be sure you spray in any place that might be a good entry point or nesting spot for stink bugs. This can include home windows, light fixtures, attic entryways, doors and holes.

Stink bugs, like a number of other insects, tend to be drawn to light. Right now there are traps you can get to attract and also capture stink bugs. They must be cleaned regularly and also the tacky material used to capture the insects needs to be changed regularly.

Since stink bugs don’t have any natural predators, you will probably have to have an active and ongoing strategy for removal. One choice is for you to replace chemicals and traps with a frequent vacuum run. Go about the home sucking up all the bugs as you can.

Additionally, there are ‘fogger’ insecticides that really work versus stink bugs. These may usually be bought at big chain stores. Make absolutely certain no one is in or close to the location which is getting bombed. Make sure you keep dogs and cats and kids out of the fogged area for a little while after the area is sprayed.

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