Stop the Spreading of Mosquito

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Mosquitoes can be very dangerous because these insects are equipped for multiplying at the rapid rate and in addition cause diseases like malaria and chikungunya. There are numerous pest management methods that could be taken up for that eradication of those insects within an effective and affordable manner.

Mosquito breeding usually happens in areas with standing or stagnant water and as such removing these sources is the greatest way to stop multiplication these. Make sure that all drainage areas are closed and sealed as well as remove objects like old tires, used cans, buckets and barrels, these all can collect water and turn a breeding ground of these insects.

In case you have an artificial pond, fountain, bird bath or children’s pool at home, make certain you clean these regularly making sure that no larvae occurs which can breed into mosquitoes. In case you have a natural pond, lake, well or another water body near your own home, then introduce species of fish that go after mosquito larvae and thereby assistance in preventing the rapid breeding.

A different simple approach to stop breeding is to apply oils to coat the counter of water that may increase the surface tension and stop the larvae and pupae from getting air for breathing. When your area is afflicted with any of the mosquito borne diseases like dengue or malaria, then you certainly must report this to your health authorities. Usually chemical pesticides are sprayed in these areas to eliminate the existing larvae and pupae that could bring down the menace.

This method requires specialized equipment and therefore must basically carried out by professional bug control experts. The spraying procedure is generally carried out in the evenings when these insects are most active. Care also needs to be taken that high concentrations on this chemical spray will not be used because it is toxic for humans and pets.

In areas tormented by mosquitoes, personal protection is usually very important to counteract diseases. Just be sure you wear clothes which cover your body completely especially legs and arms. Keep the doors and windows shut from early evening to counteract these insects from entering the house. Fans are usually effective than air conditioning units in preventing these insects from biting you while they cannot fly about in moving air. Also you can attach insecticides coated mosquito nets to line the windows, air pockets and doors in order to avoid the entry of such. In some places, such nets are offered also for use on beds and cradles which may be used throughout sleep.

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