Termite Fumigation Issues

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Have you recently found out that you have a dangerous termite infestation? Have you recently been told that you will need to use gas on them because it is the fastest method of termite control and you do not have any time to lose? If so, toxic gas probably is the only answer.

However no one would blame you for being a little worried about having your house filled with toxic gas. It does not sound a very beneficial environment to have to live, eat and sleep in afterwards, does it? The good news is that there is little cause for anxiety, particularly if you use a reputable company with a history of using gas on termites.

Vikane is one of the most frequently used gases for the gassing of termites. It is usually used with a procedure called tenting. Tenting means quite literally putting a tent over the whole structure concerned, say your home.

The tent is then sealed as much as possible, the Vikane gas is pumped in and fans are used to make certain that it is circulated throughout your house, including your attic and basement. The gas is left to do its lethal work for a day within the sealed up tent and within your house.

On the second day, the tent is taken off and the house is ventilated using the fans again. Delicate instruments are used to determine the levels of gas in all rooms of your home and when the pest controller is certain that the levels of gas have fallen to where your house is safe for human occupancy, you will be allowed to move back in. That will usually be on the third day.

Vikane does not leave a sticky residue, so it will not leave a coating on your furniture which you will have to clean off later. When the house has been thoroughly aired, all the gas will have gone, although there may still be a couple of harmless pockets left behind rafters and joists in the attic and basement.

Tenting your house may give you grounds to think that the gas must be dangerous for surrounding wildlife or your neighbours, but this is not the reason for tenting. The tent is put up in order to retain the gas against the outside of the exterior walls of your house as well, so that it is treated from inside and out, although it does help prevent wasting gas also.

This tenting system of fumigation with Vikane is a very effective method of eliminating an infestation of termites from a building. In fact, it is so efficient that your contractor should supply you with a warranty, although you may have to have the procedure repeated every year or two in order to maintain the guarantee.

Vikane is aimed exclusively at termites, so it will not eradicate any other eco-system that has established itself within your house. It will not kill spiders, ants, bed bugs or cockroaches. More’s the pity, I can hear you saying.

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