Termite Prevention Tips

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There are many reasons that we have a hate relationship with termites, the biggest being when they invade our homes and cause billions of dollars in damage and treatments annually in America. These little creatures can’t see, and prefer to avoid light, so it begs the question how and why they invade our homes. It is not known if these guys are random in selecting our homes, or if deliberate, but scientists believe early signs point to a very deliberate termite.

A lot of research is being done right now to find out how they find our homes, the research so far suggests that termite foraging is not random and very purposely. While scientists find the answers, I can give you a breakdown on the three things that cause this.

Repairing or preventing moisture should be a priority. With termites searching for this precious commodity, it is in your best interest to prevent them from looking at your home and seeing the welcome dinner sign. Fixing or repairing the leaking spigot or even moving that a/c drip line away from your house is the best bet for preventing these guys.

The second thing to eliminate or repair to prevent termites is removing any wood to ground contact. You might have to contact a professional handyman to do this but spending a couple hundred dollars now, can possibly prevent thousands of dollars later. Wood soaks up moisture and thus you just gave the termite food and water and he’s going to make full use of that and take up residence eating you out of your home.

Moving your siding to above grade and wood piles and debris away from the home will also help prevent them, when left alone these things can give termite free reign and an all you can eat buffet. You may want to move the wood to a place where it’s off the ground, for added security and peace of mind.

For your a/c drip line you simply need to reroute the constant water source away from the home. By adding a small extension to the pvc pipe you can run this water almost anywhere. Many people take advantage of the ‘free’ water and run their pipe to a plant or tree where the water will be put to good use. Regardless of where it goes, AWAY FROM THE HOME is the ultimate goal. These simple steps are no 100% guarantee that termites won’t strike your home but they are at least the easiest ways to eliminate the 3 most conducive ways termites invade.

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