The Best Way To Avoid Bed Bugs – How Can I Make Absolutely Sure That I Don’t Get Bed Bugs

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It is important to know how to avoid bed bugs in both our houses and while traveling. Bed bugs are an epidemic in many cities of the globe because they spread comparatively easily and can be difficult to exterminate since many times they escape our notice until there is certainly already a strong infestation. As with most everything, the best way to erase them is simply to prevent them. It is very important to know a few basic precautions that may help you prevent bed bugs. One of the main methods that people will end up with bed bugs is really because they have traveled to a location which had an infestation, and they came back with articles of clothing or other cloth stuff that had certain bed bugs hidden within them. With these little crawling creatures, you may ponder how to avoid bed bugs when traveling, specially how to avoid bed bugs in hotel accommodations. For this, there are a few helpful hints.

First of all, when arriving in a new accommodation or when staying in a bed away from home while traveling, bear in mind not to just throw your suitcase on the floor or even on the bed where, if there is an infestation, the bugs can easily craw into your suitcase and clothing. As an alternative, make use of given racks in hotel rooms or area away from any nooks or crannies or carpeted areas where bed bugs can be hiding. Second of all, pull back the sheets on the bed you will be making use of and check all the corners as well as edges and other good hiding places for any small bugs that may be hiding there. It can help to have a flashlight for this examination. The majority of hotels offer white colored sheets and mattresses, so checking for the little black bugs is not difficult.

If you do find that there are bugs or traces of bugs, it is advisable to go see hotel management or the owner of the property as soon as possible. Where there is one or two bugs, there are certain to be more! Many hotels may also offer information on how to avoid bed bugs.

When coming back from travel, it is wise to wash all clothing, also unsoiled clothing, in the hottest water they can stand along with drying them on the highest heat possible for a minimum of 30 minutes. This will kill any bugs you may not have noticed. Steam-cleaning or vacuuming your suitcase is also helpful for any bugs that may be lurking there. Be sure to inspect your clothing and suitcase in an area outside or away from your home; even the garage is a better place than the living room area.

If you have the misfortune of getting bed bugs in your home, bed bug removal is a fairly straightforward though somewhat time-consuming method. The initial step will be to call a bed bug exterminator. Though there are some methods such as using bed covers, cleaning all of your clothing and linens, as well as spreading fossil shell dust among other powders which cause the bugs to die. However, the surest way is by hiring a bed bug extermination service. Exterminator websites will often provide information also about how exactly to avoid bed bugs. These exterminators may use a combination of pesticides and chemicals along with heat to eradicate the bed bugs. They are likely to be more thorough for bed bug removal compared to any personal remedies, though they may be expensive. Find a reputable exterminator so that you only spend the money once, and alert your neighbors, particularly in apartment buildings, to enable them to check their homes as well.

How to avoid bed bugs

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