The Correct Uses Of Pest Control

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Pest control can pose a hazard to people, plants and the environs; extreme caution should be observed. This is very important when you are active in the raising of organic crops.

The main purpose of growing vegetables organically will be defeated if they become tainted with pest control chemicals.

Enumerated below are some tips and suggestions for pest control to be less hazardous and damaging to man and nature.

Use your tools manually when doing pest control maintenance.

This may be accomplished through picking grubs off by hand, creating barrier and traps and plugging holes. Snails are destructive so look for their hiding places – wet and soggy soil, beneath plants with thick foliage, etc.

Employ biologically produced pest control.

Desist from killing insects that are actually helpful like lacewings and dragon flies that prey on aphids and other harmful pests. In fact you should provide for their habitat by placing shallow bowls of water in your garden. They like to fly and linger over and around the puddles. To neutralize and control the spread of caterpillars, you may use B. thruingiensis.

Only as a last resort should we turn to chemical pest control.

Organic pest control methods can be successful and the ingredients for many of the recipes can be found in the kitchen cupboards. Chemical sprays are not advisable and should be avoided, but if you have to then settle for the least toxic products. You can have your choices of insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils, dehydrating dusts, etc.

Pest control comes in many ways, so widen your choice of methods.

There are many formulations for pest control solutions, some of which are below.

Against Green Aphids and Mites – Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid soap and a cup of vegetable oil. Pour a teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of water and spray on plants afflicted with aphids and mites.

Against Cockroaches – Dusts of boric acid can be applied to cracks or entry points of these insects. Bay leaves on pantry shelves could also help in warding off these critters.

For maximum effect, choose the chemicals that are proven to be the most effective against a particularly pest.

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