The Green Way To Pest Control

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Chemical adulticiding is a common treatment used in eliminating harmful insects, including adult mosquitoes. However, this method is not friendly to the environment since the chemicals used can bring harm to non-target organisms and the environment as well. Thus, many mosquito control services find it essential to go for more eco-friendly methods like larviciding in controlling mosquito populations.

Larviciding is an action taken to kill particular species of insects from growing into adults by targeting their larva. This method is effective at preventing mosquito larvae from growing into biting, adult mosquitoes. As everyone is aware of, adult mosquitoes are nuisance and they carry fatal diseases too.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) provides long-term solutions to mosquito and insect infestation. Like larviciding, IPM also works under ecological safety principles. However, IPM requires more than just targeting mosquito wrigglers. The three ways that IPM gets rid of mosquitoes is first through observation, then source reduction, and finally by utilizing biopesticides as insect control.

The purpose of the observation is to find out basic information about mosquito specie and population. The results of the surveillance will determine the next move. There is the option of working at the source of the problem, but first authorities must guarantee that the risks on the environment is low, and that there is a strong possibility of success given the size of the insect population. The next move is to devastate the habitat of the larvae or to make it impossible for further insect development.

Surveillance might tell another story. The mosquito population might be too much to be controlled by getting them at the source. The diseases that are harmful to humans might be present in the insect population already. This case requires the use of biopesticides. There is a brand of ecological products called BTi that are readily available to pest control companies. Microbial larvicide is a BTi product that contains Bacillus, a specie that works specifically to kill mosquitoes while they are at the larval stage.

The last in the arsenal of eco-friendly mosquito and pest control weapons is thermal fogging and misting. In the event that the other methods mentioned earlier are ineffective to the pest infestation situation, then these are the next action to perform. The use of an air pump called Ultra Violet Spraying does well to disperse the biopesticide mist in a safe way while eradicating the harmful mosquitoes in the process.

Responsible exterminators opt for a more ecological mosquito treatment procedure. You may visit this website for more information on other pest control methods, including termite treatment. (6690). Unique version for reprint here: The Green Way To Pest Control.

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