The Potential Risks of Not Having Pests Eradicated

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No matter where you go, you will come across troublesome insects and animals. If you live in Australia or have recently migrated to Australia, then the pests you will encounter are ants, termites, bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, wasps, millipedes, possums, rodents, spiders, snakes and birds. In addition to being a plain nuisance, these pests are responsible for damages to health and properties amounting to millions of dollars every year. Some of them are poisonous, such as snakes and spiders. Some destroy properties, such as termites, rodents and possums. Some are a risk to health because of the diseases they spread, such as fleas, cockroaches, possums and rodents. Some pilfer foods and crops worth many millions of dollars every year, such as rats, mice and birds.

Probably the most damaging pests in Australia are termites. Termites are ant-like insects that live in large colonies of millions of individuals. They mostly live in trees and under the ground where they make complicated structures complete with tunnels, ventilators, food chambers and breeding chambers. The trouble begins when they decide to move into the walls and under the floors of a house. These little insects eat continuously without stopping, and if left to their devices, they can eat a house completely and make it unsafe for habitation within a few years. When your house is infested by termites, the only remedy is to ring pest control companies for help.

Rodents may be as much destructive as termites, if not more. The most destructive rodents are rats and mice. Rats and mice are as a rule aggressive and do not normally attack people. Their bite is not poisonous. However, they steal food from the kitchen and crops from the fields. They also chew clothes, suitcases, wooden cabinets, cupboards, doors and windows. But the biggest concern is the diseases they carry. Rats and mice are filthy animals and in the past, they have caused millions of human deaths, such as the Black Death that decimated a hundred million people in Europe in the mid-14th century. It is very tricky to eliminate these animals because they are very clever and resilient.

Other troublesome animals in Australia include opossums that have begun living in the attics, roofs and cavities of homes; red foxes that kill native animals and domestic livestock; European rabbits that steal vegetables and crops, and destroy the land; and snakes whose bite can be deadly to people. The traditional approach to eliminating these pests is to hunt, poison or trap them. However, some native animals including the possums are protected species in Australia. It is an offence punishable by law to trap and remove possums in Queensland.

Pest control firms in Australia use structured pest control systems that are eco-friendly, effective, humane and customized for the local environment. These methods involve determining the degree of infestation, preparing the plan, monitoring of infested area to pin down the exact spot of infestation and targeting the pests to destroy or remove them. Some of the systems are concerned more with erecting a barrier than killing or removing them.

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