The Relationship Between Mosquito Pest Control, Spirituality, And Religion

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The deadliest, fiercest creatures on earth are mosquitoes. More deaths are linked with them than any other living thing on the planet. They carry many deadly health conditions and are exceptional transmitters of them, including malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, as well as West Nile virus; they also bring heart worms that can be dangerous for animals. They harass us most during summer time and hot seasons.

It is critical that households and establishments take measures to control mosquito infestation. But they should be the correct long term options; otherwise, disease and illness will continue to spread instead. In the US, 70% of pest control methods use sprays or foggers, which are the most expensive, least efficient, and most injurious to the surroundings. In addition, mosquitoes can become immune to them.

Organic, natural and effective strategies are accessible, but perchance as a result of the profit-oriented industrial syndrome of society, they tend to be set aside. Only several use them. Beside individual efforts, collaborative efforts from leading government institutions and agencies must cooperate to succeed in educating society of these organic and natural means.

Just as mosquitoes create a threat to our physical health through infection, our spirituality could also be contaminated by spiritual mosquitoes carrying deadly sins, like immorality and pornography. Just as we want to choose the correct methods of monitoring mosquito infestation, we must also opt for the right spiritual remedies, avoiding counterfeits that would waste our time and energy, spiritually. Prioritizing your family and being involved with them might be your missing link.

Taking an active role in your religion is similar to taking the right pest control measures. Keep in mind, we are spiritual beings inside physical bodies. Although our material world is the aspect immediately tangible, our true nature is spiritual and beyond the physical. Take time to pray, think and ponder about the gospel of Jesus Christ. As our physical health needs immunization from disease or illness, our spiritual nature needs to be nurtured by means of the good word of the Lord.

Pest Control for Mosquitoes are definitely needed to protect personal and communal health. Prevention is better than cure. Before you get any deadly diseases, arm and protect yourself and be aware of proper environmental pest control for mosquitoes. (7180). Unique version for reprint here: The Relationship Between Mosquito Pest Control, Spirituality, And Religion.

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