The Roles Of Termites

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Everyone knows termites are damaging and aggravating, just like other common insects known to man. Luckily, they are unlike other insects like fleas and mosquitoes that they don’t feed on humans. However, it doesn’t ignore the fact that they are still infuriating and probably can cause more destruction than the others because they go after woods and other dead plant matters like fabric, paper, and leaf. They literally have the ability to bring down the household by consuming its foundation.

They are sometimes called “white ants” and are incorrectly thought of as ants because of how they look like. They also reside in social economies and have physical features very similar to ants. But unlike ants, which have compound eyes and visible waist, they don’t have eyes and have straight body. Upon closer scrutiny, they have dissimilar antennas as well. The antennas of termites appear like a string of beads, while the antennas of the ants have distinct curves.

Although they are very tiny, they are truly powerful. They can take down a full home by eating its foundation. They are fond of consuming the fiber in wood and other dead plant materials so if you have termite infestation in your house, don’t be surprised to see old books with somewhat eaten pages and windowsills with decaying wood. And as much as they love consuming decomposing wood, termites also eat new woods so even new homes aren’t safe from them.

While humans may find them harmful to their properties, these bugs are actually beneficial to the ecological system. They recycle nutrients and improve soil formation and quality. They clear away decaying woods and leaves waste, and even provide shelter and increase wood surface areas for other creatures by consuming the insides of timbers.

Still, if they are inside the home, they are destructive pests that can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repair. Practice termite control measures to diminish the odds of infestation, like constructing a barricade beneath the house’s foundation and adding chemical barriers in the soil or scattering it on the foundation. Whereas termites frequently target damp and cool spots in the house like the basement and attic, they also plague dry areas. Every wood in the household isn’t protected from these pests unless they are sealed with paint or sealed with weather sealers.

It’s time to invite the specialists on termite control if the infiltration is already significant. They can extinguish the destructive pests from your house by fumigation, baiting, and other termite control treatments. Have professional assessment as soon as possible if you believe there are termites in your house. If the infiltration goes unnoticed for a long time, the only way to save your property is by massive and pricey renovation.

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