Things To Know About Sonic Mole Controls

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Staying outdoors is a great way of enjoying yourself but not if there are pests lurking. That surely takes away the fun. Fortunately, technology at these times have evolved into a much safer way of keeping away these pests by using ultrasonic devices, electronic yard fences or strobe lights. We don’t have to use traps, pesticides or chemicals that are dangerous for humans, most especially for kids and the old, and for desirable creatures from the wild.

These devices will help you eliminate unwelcome guests. Gophers, moles, squirrels, deer, cats, dogs and other animals that are not welcome will stay away and your conscience is clean because you haven’t hurt anyone at all. The ears of the animals will hear a high frequency sound or vibration coming from the ultrasonic devices. Because it pains them, they would stay away. I have a friend who absolutely despised the squirrels in her yard. They did damage not only to her plants, but to her house as well and ate her canvas chairs on the deck. The ultrasonic device that she acquired and used was very effective! At this point in time, my friend is satisfied. As to the squirrels, they get to live another day.

Gophers and moles can create a major destruction to your garden, shrubs and vegetations. Not only does it do harm to your lawn but also to your own safety because you are sure to fall down and slip with all the mounds and tunnels on the surface they made. These burrowing rodents spend most of their time underground digging tunnels in your beautiful yard and tunneling ventilation shafts so they can have fresh air in their underground homes. A stretch of several miles and 2 to 5 feet deep, that is how their tunnels measure. It’s innate in them to dig and they can produce up to 12 babies per family. They only eat what they can expend, so you won’t see them lying dormant because they do not have fat in their bodies. The mole eats approximately 40 pounds of food every year. It is their routine – eat afterwards dig, then eat again, then dig again. Plants need worms to ventilate the soil for their development. Now, moles hinder these developments by eating the worms. Gophers consume on roots and plant matter.

The moles do roundabouts when making above the ground tunnels while gophers do it in line form but it’s not quite often you see above the ground tunnels made by gophers. If a gopher’s mound looks like a kidney bean, a mole’s mound looks like a tiny cone that is upside down. Thriving on vigorous and verdant greens, these tiny creatures live beneath it. Gophers and moles chew on roots of trees, grains, grasses, shrubs and a variety of vegetables. They like lilies, irises, tulips, carrots, peas, and beans. Even though moles feed mostly on grubs, worms and insects, they also feed on plant materials. However, gophers like it better if the plant material is tender. Gophers, moles, voles, chipmunks, and woodchucks are very intelligent animals. They have been known to avoid and overcome traps, shun baits and poisons.

You can easily identify that there’s a gopher or mole in your garden by the way your garden looks with all the ruins, mounds and surface tunnels. I am the type of person that just won’t kill anything. I move spiders in the house to the outdoors, move snakes in the yard toward the lake (I know, I know, I am one of THOSE people). Since I don’t advocate killing, try the ultrasonic device in the market. It’s a much safer alternative.

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