Today’s Use Of Effective Stink Bug Traps

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Stink bugs are a detriment to anyone growing vegetables, fruit or any kind of plants. They can very easily ruin a farmer’s crop prior to marketing. Usually less than an inch long, they have varying shades of brown and have a ‘shield’ on their back. Their width is almost the same as their length and they have an odor, thus their name. A number of different kinds of stink bug traps have been developed.

A native of China, Japan, Taiwan and China, they did not appear in the U. S. Until 1998, when they were discovered in Pennsylvania. Currently, they have spread across the country, appearing in almost every state. This has caused not only commercial damage, but damage in home gardens and plants, as well.

In colder climates, they have one generation per year. In warmer areas, it can be two or three. Eggs are identified as light yellow, to yellow-red, 20 to 30 in number, and will be found on the underside of leaves. These eggs hatch into small nymphs that go through five stages prior to emerging as adults.

As the result of this invasion, various traps have been developed. One particular trap uses a scent to lure the bugs and is placed outdoors on trees. Another version, stink bug lights, uses soapy water, a liquid, a black light and a scent lure to attract them. Tapes with a sticky adhesive are also being used.

A promising indoor-outdoor trap has been developed with an attractant that attracts these pests. It affects any that are within a 20-foot radius, trapping them inside, and letting them dehydrate. This particular model can be used over and over again by simply replacing the attractant.

The basic requirement for getting rid of these bugs is a good trap in order to gain stink bug control. There are many on the market today which have been found to be effective. There are also sites on the Internet that give reviews of the different models. This is an excellent way to find out what kind of success others have had.

These pests are very persistent, so it takes diligence in getting rid of them if stink bug control is to be achieved. Locating effective stink bug traps, keeping them full of the required ingredients, and emptying them on a regular basis are the requirements needed. It is only by getting rid of these unpleasant, smelly pests that you will be able to produce healthy fruit, vegetables and plants.

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