Treating Bugs Responsibly

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Sometimes I sort of feel sorry for an insect that falls prey to the homeowner who saturates him with a ton of insecticide. They must get some type of pleasure from drowning one bug with all that mess but is that really necessary?

I’m not really sure where most people learned how to spray but obviously the motto of the class was more is better. Actually the best place to learn the best way to use any product is found on the container itself. Pest products now come with a tiny booklet attached by glue and you can find just about any information in that label that you’ll need. It is a bit tricky to read and there are some things that have set places where they are always found but amounts of the product to use can be all over the place. You may use different amounts based on the bug, place you’re treating or or infestation levels. Keep looking until you find something that closely resembles where you are in your treatment steps and follow those specifics. You may not think that the label is serious when it claims that such a small amount is all that is needed to treat large areas or will kill so many pests. Years of study have gone into making these concentrates and when they say the minimum amount will do what is stated it is true and has been tested on so many different situations.

You can also find out on your instructions how often you need to be spraying. This is just as important as how much to mix and spraying to much can be just as detrimental as mixing too much. Like the mix rate this information is not the easiest to find. One thing to keep in mind is the packaging. Most times it may say something like ’30 day residual on most surfaces.

This should be a clue as to how long this product lasts and although you may not be real sure on re-treatment times in case of some bugs not dying, you can be assured that you still have active ingredients at work for at least 30 days so perhaps re-spraying is not the best option.

Time is not an enemy in most pest control jobs. The longer the target pests are exposed the more will die but perhaps not as quickly as on your initial treatment. Have faith in your original treatment and the residuals left behind and think twice before spraying with more chemicals.

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